Manual light control

Gira rocker switch

If the light is switched on or off, the pressed rocker locks in place in the respective position.

Gira switch with touch symbols

In addition to the usual switches, Gira rocker switches and push rockers are also available with large touch symbols for light, bell and door. They make life easier for people with limited vision and blind people.

Gira push switch

Each time lighting is switched on and off, the button moves back to its initial position.

Gira series switch

The series switch can be used, for example, to switch two lights or light series independently of each other.

Gira series control switch

The Gira series control switch with integrated LED illumination element is equipped with one LED illumination element in orange per rocker.

Gira push rocker

The push rocker is used as a light signal, bell or door opener.

Gira rotary dimmer

The rotary dimmer switches and dims various light sources including light bulbs, HV halogen, LV halogen with Gira Tronic transformers or LV halogen with conventional transformers.

Gira touch dimmer

A brief touch switches the light on or off. A longer touch dims the light continuously.

Gira Touchdimmer

Just a light touch is enough to operate the Gira Touchdimmer, which uses capacitive sensor technology.

Gira series dimmer

The Gira series dimmer is a touch dimmer allowing control of two lights or light groups independently of each other.

Gira light scene push button sensor

Lighting moods are the interaction of selected lights with harmonised light intensities.

Gira panic switch

You hear a suspicious noise at night? Have no fear – the panic switch is within reach.

Gira central circuit breaker

With a central command, all previously selected devices can be switched off, e.g. individual lights, lighting rails and entire circuits.

Gira electronic time clock

Lights which should be switched on or off at the same time daily can be controlled automatically with the electronic time clock.