Gira LED illumination


Gira LED illumination enables the targeted use of lighting accents. For example, it is used to illuminate stairs and dark hallways or outdoor pathways, therefore providing extra safety for walking and orientation, both inside and outside. Gira offers a wide range of LED products and accessories matching the Gira design lines.

Pictograms and inscriptions allow LED lights to be expanded to become information signs which can be used in a multitude of ways. LED technology ensures durability and economical current consumption for all products.

LED orientation light

Gira LED orientation lights are available for the Gira Standard 55, Event, Esprit and E2 design lines.

LED orientation light white

In addition to the LED orientation light with RGB LED with which lighting moods can be created as desired, Gira now also offers this light with a white LED for the exclusive creation of orientation light.

LED signal light

The Gira LED signal light is divided into a red and green illuminated area.

SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light

The Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light has a recessed light strip that projects a light corridor downwards by means of a white LED.

LED illumination insert for control switches

The control switches of all Gira design lines can be equipped with LED illumination inserts in the colours yellow, red or blue for 230 V mains voltage.

Series control switch with LED illumination element

The Gira series control switch with integrated LED illumination element is equipped with one LED illumination element in orange per rocker.

Gira TX_44 LED orientation light

The LED orientation light from the theft-proof and water-protected Gira TX_44 design line was designed particularly for outdoor use.