Automatic light control

Gira Sensotec and Sensotec LED

The Gira Sensotec and Gira Sensotec LED offer more safety in the dark by automatically switching on an orientation light when motion is detected in the far range. While the Gira Sensotec uses dimmed room lighting for this function, the Gira Sensotec LED has an integrated LED for this purpose. If necessary, the undimmed room light can be switched on without contact by a motion in the close-up detection range of 5 cm.

Gira presence and motion detector 360° compact

The Gira 360° presence and motion detector offers a number of functions for automating lighting. First and foremost is the reliable detection of movement, but the presence and motion detector may also be used simply as a twilight switch.

Gira automatic control switch 2

The Gira automatic control switch 2 provides even more convenience and security in and around the building. A new detection lens with double sensors significantly improves the detection field and detection quality.

Gira automatic control switch

The light switches on when you enter the room. It switches off automatically when you leave the room.

Gira automatic control switch 360°

The automatic control switch 360° is used for automatic light control, e.g. in long hallways and passageways.

Gira radio presence detector

The Gira radio presence detector is a battery-operated component from the Gira radio bus system.

Gira Comfort presence detector

The Gira Comfort presence detector makes an array of light controls available in conjunction with various System 2000 flush-mounted inserts.

Gira KNX presence detector

In connection with the Gira KNX system, the Gira KNX presence detectors Standard and Comfort allow automatic light and climate control.

Gira DRA automatic stairway lighting mechanism

The Gira DRA automatic stairway lighting mechanism automatically controls the light in combination with Gira automatic control switches.