Door intercoms for outdoor use

Door station

The Gira door station is installed in the 58 mm flush-mounted box in combination with the frame from the Gira TX_44 design line. The basic devices are equipped with a microphone and a 1-gang or 3-gang call button.

System 106

See who is at the door with the Gira System 106. Clean and sophisticated design, robust materials, and compact, cutting-edge technology provide convenience, security, and a touch of elegance to your door. The modular system is extremely flexible to configure and can be adapted or expanded at any time.

Additional door station functions

The basic devices of the Gira door station can be expanded to include additional components such as a colour camera or an info module.

Surface-mounted door station

In addition to the Gira door station for flush-mounted installation, the Gira door communication system also offers various door stations for surface-mounted installation. They are completely pre-assembled and just 19 mm thick.

Surface-mounted door station video

Gira offers two door stations, which are equipped with a colour camera, for simple surface-mounted installation. They are equipped with a 1-gang or 3-gang call button depending on the variant.

Door station in stainless steel

The Gira door station in stainless steel combines design and strength: With the high-quality stainless steel front plate, it’s not just appealing, but also extremely robust and thus vandal-proof and weather-resistant too.

Door communication profile

The Gira flush-mounted door station can also be integrated into the Gira energy profile. The energy profiles have empty units which can be equipped with call buttons, door speakers, info modules or the colour camera from the Gira door station, and various other functions too.

Gira door communication system

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