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Gira X1 firmware update

New functions

  • Connection of Sonos speakers
  • Up to eight Sonos speakers can be controlled using the Gira Smart Home app
  • Device data points can be connected directly to KNX group addresses
  • Documentation for the end user
  • The end user can enter the IP address of the Sonos speaker using the Gira Smart Home app
  • The Gira X1 device website has been revised
  • The Gira X1 app has been renamed to Gira Smart Home app

General improvements

  • The brightness value of the dimmer function (RGB/RGBW) can now be used, as an option.

Errors fixed

  • Gira X1 logic cannot correctly evaluate the door communication system events
  • After ETS commissioning with manual IP address assignment, the Gira X1 erroneously receives the DNS address
  • Persistent data point values are overwritten during commissioning
  • A display error occurs after switching from portrait to landscape format in the camera function
  • Save project copy on device function fails with large projects
  • DNS server and gateway could not be set to IP address

Known errors

  • The "i" symbol is missing in some status displays on Android devices
  • The function for connecting a Gira X1 device directly using GPA (entering the IP address) is not working.

Important information

  • Older Android versions (in this case, 4.4.2) cannot connect to the Gira X1 using the Gira X1 app if an invalid NTP server was entered
  • End devices with Android version < 4.4.3 are not supported

To perform the update the Gira Project Assistant V 3.1 is required. It is recommended to always use the latest available GPA version. Please follow the instructions in the enclosed documentation.

Order No. 2096 00

ZIP, 53.794 Kb

Version: 2.2.415

Date: 23.11.2018



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