Products for the KNX system

The Gira KNX system enables the seamless integration of diverse devices which offer an extremely broad range of functions. They ensure that even the most demanding requests of occupants can be fully implemented. Lighting, blinds and heating can therefore be controlled, and multimedia and security components can be networked to form a smart system. It is also possible to incorporate the Gira door communication system using various Gira Interface products – for even more convenient living and working.


With the Gira HomeServer and the FacilityServer the entire spectrum of both private and commercial building technology can be regulated and controlled multi-functionally and complex system and process monitoring can be set up.


The Gira HomeServer is the on-board computer for the home. It functions as a gateway for the entire KNX installation in a building and is absolutely essential for the networking of modern buildings and their technical equipment, both internally and with the world.


The Gira FacilityServer offers sophisticated solutions for centrally controlling the entire building technology and is specially designed for the exacting standards of the commercial sector.

KNX system