Gira eNet system features

Simple, modular, bi-directional, stable connections: With Gira eNet, the existing electrical installation can be conveniently expanded to include new functions. The devices can be controlled remotely, from home or when on the move, either individually or in groups.

eNet is smart

eNet is the new wireless-based standard, which conveniently controls modern electrical installations wirelessly. Lights and blinds can be easily integrated into scenes, and also controlled individually. The eNet system allows the Gira wireless bus system or System 2000 to be integrated into eNet.

eNet is easy to retrofit

It is possible to modernise an electrical installation in buildings quickly, cleanly, and economically – a broad range of state-of-the-art wireless control options can be installed effortlessly. Because they don't require a mains supply, battery-operated wireless sensors can be installed anywhere.

eNet is convenient

There are many control devices – including hand-held transmitters in four variants and wall transmitters that can be retrofitted. The eNet server enables the system to be controlled using the Gira Control Clients, a PC, or a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Mobile control is also possible with Mobile Gate.

eNet is energy-efficient

Lights switch on automatically or blinds are raised and lowered: eNet can easily help save electricity because wireless energy sensors record the devices' consumption. The eNet server displays the data and analyses it, and users can optimise their consumption.

eNet is flexible

The system can be retrofitted more quickly and simply than any cable-based installation, and can even be taken with you if you subsequently move house. A comprehensive product range consisting of control devices, actuators, and sensors allows the system to be flexibly expanded to include interesting functions.

eNet is future-proof

eNet wireless products can be updated via the eNet server, remain state-of-the-art, and can also be expanded or retrofitted in the future as desired. They also comply with guideline VDI/VDE 6008 Sheet 3 for electrical installation in living spaces equipped for people with disabilities.

eNet is quick to install

Standard applications such as switching lights on/off and controlling blinds can easily be set up manually thanks to the push button (link between transmitter and receiver by pressing push buttons). Complex applications with many components or logical connections can be conveniently programmed with the start-up software on the PC.

eNet is an industry standard

eNet is designed as an industry standard that additional cooperation partners can join in future.

eNet system overview

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