Gira Mobile Gate

The mobile controller in the home network

As an alternative to the wall transmitters and remote controls, the eNet system can also be controlled with mobile control devices. The Mobile Gate allows you to access the entire system in the home network via WLAN. The controls of your own building technology can be accessed very easily using the Mobile Gate. An app installed on your mobile end device makes this possible using IP technology. The smartphone's interface displays the devices on the eNet system and enables the current state of the lighting or blinds, for example, to be registered at a glance and controlled.

Meaning that you can now operate your building technology between a phone call and editing emails. The Mobile Gate is the perfect alternative to the eNet hand-held transmitter Multi for customers who own a smartphone and would like to use it for building control. The eNet Mobile Gate app is available free of charge for Mac OS-based mobile devices such as iPhones and iPods and for Android devices.
Gira eNet Mobile Gate app for iPhone and iPod touch
Gira eNet Mobile Gate app for Android devices

Simple operation

All the functions of the Gira eNet system can be operated easily and intuitively by smartphone using the Gira eNet Mobile Gate app. In addition to controlling lighting and blinds, pre-configured scenes can be called up and camera images shown.


The eNet system can be easily and intuitively activated using the Mobile Gate. In addition to standard applications such as lighting and blind control, complex scenes can be quickly configured. The Gira eNet start-up assistant is integrated in the Mobile Gate app and guides you through the various steps in a clearly structured sequence.

Technical data

Rated voltage:

DC 5 V

Ambient temperature:

0°C to +45°C


RJ45 pin jack

Micro pin jack



German Design Award 2017,
Winner in der Kategorie Excellent Product Design Building

Gira eNet

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