Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter

Free choice of installation spot

The battery-operated Gira wireless wall transmitters can be conveniently placed precisely where switches or buttons are needed, regardless of the mains connections.

They can be either securely mounted on the wall or conveniently attached to smooth surfaces with adhesive strips. Bi-colour LEDs indicate both the signal transmission status and the actuator status.

Easy control of up to three functions

Wall transmitters are available in 1-gang and 3-gang models. In principle, all wall transmitters have the same functions and are differentiated by the number of buttons and rockers. The buttons/rockers are assigned fixed functions – up to 6 functions can be used in a 3-gang wall transmitter because the rockers can be controlled on both the left and the right.

Calling up scenes

Scenes are programmed default settings, enabling the user to create a suitable lighting mood in the living room while simultaneously lowering the blinds, for example – and all at one press of a button. It is possible to set and save many scenes and call them up again at the press of a button using entire groups of actuators (receivers for lights or blinds). To use the scenes function, a transmitter that can trigger scene telegrams is required. This can be any eNet wireless transmitter that is set to 'scenes' operating mode. The scene numbers are factory preset in the remote controls and wall transmitters.

Always where it is needed

The Gira wireless wall transmitter is notable for its particularly flat design, which enables it to be mounted or bonded directly onto the surface without any additional housing. The battery-operated wireless wall transmitter can be mounted precisely where required, regardless of the mains connections. Even previously installed switches and switch combinations can be expanded without fuss or mess.

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