Gira control unit for the Revox multiroom system

In cooperation with Revox, Gira offers the M218 operating unit and the M217 display unit for the Revox multiroom system, which are installed in the Gira design lines on the wall. These control units enable the Revox multiroom system to be operated from every room, while maintaining a uniform appearance with the rest of the electrical installation.

Operation and function

With the M218 operating unit, the Revox multiroom system can be activated with a single press of a button - including volume control and station checking. The Gira M217 display unit is the perfect complement to this, as it expands the unit's control options. The display shows information on Revox multiroom system source currently being played. And in addition to selecting a track and station, up to four timer functions can be programmed in each room. Both devices can be used individually. Virtually all important functions can also be controlled with the M217 by using the multi-function buttons. Ideally, the Gira M218 operating unit and the Gira M217 display unit are combined in a 2-gang cover frame to produce the Gira control unit M217/M218.


The Gira operating units for the Revox system are available from electronic retailers and installed by electricians. The installation of the Revox multiroom system is carried out by specialist retail partners of Revox.


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Design awards

Plus X Award, media society networks, 2006


M218 Operating Unit
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Gira operating units for Revox multiroom system
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M217 display unit
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