KNX system

Systematic intelligent building technology: for the needs-based use of lighting and heating, central lighting, blind and ventilation control, light scene management, saving energy and more besides.

Wireless bus system

Retrofitting made easy without dirt and noise. A wide range of state-of-the-art control options and automation can be installed easily with the Gira wireless bus system.

eNet system

The bi-directional wireless system for smart networking and control of modern electrical installations. Functions such as light and blind control can be easily retrofitted and networked with each other.

Door communication system

The Gira door communication system provides innovative solutions for all indoor and outdoor requirements: with video or without, keyless and more.

Blind control

The Gira blind controller provides intelligent systems and time-dependent control options for the daily raising and lowering of the home's roller shutters and blinds.

Call systems and emergency sets

Security according to standards: The Gira call systems and emergency sets are used for distress calls in hospitals, care homes, medical practices, publicly accessible toilet facilities and private residences.

Audio systems

Music in every room. Gira offers two system solutions in addition to the flush-mounted radio: the KNX/EIB audio system and the operating units for the Revox multiroom system.

Building technology