Plug & Light light socket outlets

Plug & Light makes indoor lighting smart and light control incredibly simple. For flicker-free dimmable light in the matching switch design. Plug & Light is a defined interface which unites light control and power supply. Combined with appropriate light top units, Plug & Light offers easily controllable indoor lighting – from dimming to warm dim. The open system can be used in the most common flush-mounted device boxes, also in British Standard, and besides the controller, it also reconfigures the handling of the associated light top units. The installation of a Plug & Light lamp is also incredibly simple – the lamps are docked to the light socket outlet via a magnet. Once inserted, each lamp can be rotated 360° without a limit stop and can even be replaced during operation. Plug & Light offers flexibility for planning, enables simple and reliable installation for the electrician and makes flexible indoor lighting come to life for the end customer.

Available from Q4 2018


  • Flexible use: Gira Plug & Light light socket outlet
    fits in the flush-mounted device box, and also in British
    Standard boxes
  • Simple installation/replacement of the
    light inserts during operation
  • 100 percent compatibility of Gira dimmers and
    Plug & Light light top units
  • Dimming and "warm dim" with standard Gira

Light socket outlet features:

  • In the style of the design lines Gira E2, Gira Esprit and Gira Studio

  • Dimmable via trailing-edge dimmers

  • Rotatable lamps (continuous 360°)
  • Magnetic mounting of the light inserts
  • Automatic detection of the plugged-in light inserts
  • Mechanical lock
  • Safe 12 V safety extra-low voltage

Spotlight features:

  • Adjustable anti-glare attachment via three latching steps: 5/10/15 mm
  • Hinge 0°-90° swivelling
  • Continuously rotatable by 360° without limit stop
  • Flicker-free light over the whole dimming area

Floodlight features:

  • To match the switch design
  • Glare-free asymmetrical look
  • Continuously rotatable by 360° without limit stop
  • Accent light or work light
  • Flicker-free light over the whole dimming area

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