Gira Project Assistant

Gira Project Assistant: quick and intuitive configuration via drag & drop

Projects for the Gira X1 or Gira L1 can be quickly and easily created with the Gira Project Assistant (GPA) software: visual and intuitive, by drag & drop. The various functions such as switching, dimming, blind control, etc. are simply dragged onto a room with the mouse. The visualisation for mobile end devices is then generated from this information. The GPA features a convenient logic detector for automating home technology that lets users achieve their desired result in next to no time. By using the logic simulation, individually-created automation solutions can be verified. This makes the Gira Project Assistant the basis for cost-effective project implementation.

1. Managing projects: The GPA also displays several projects in a clearly-arranged order. Project progress can be indicated by colours.

2. Parameterising functions: Simple and clear GPA editors help to configure the various building functions in a structured manner.

3. Creating a building: The desired building is created quickly and easily by drag & drop. Devices and functions can be located in the same manner.

4. Designing the interface: In the GPA, functions of intelligent building technology can be arranged by drag & drop in the order that they will then appear on mobile devices. Over 300 Gira pictographs facilitate individual labelling of building parts and functions.

5. Processing logic pages: The GPA features a simple graphic editor for creating logic pages. Numerous logic pages can be used, switched to active or inactive, structured for daytime and quickly relocated.

6. Verifying the logic: The simulation function of the GPA makes it possible to simulate and verify the functionality of a created logic in advance. This significantly speeds up start-up.

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