Easy installation, easy handling

Installation is extremely simple: In new builds, a network cable and a PoE-enabled switch are all that is required to connect the device to the communication network. This is also possible when retrofitting; a 230 V model with WLAN or a 24 V model, also with WLAN, are available in this regard.

Installation in three steps

Installation step 1:

The Gira G1 can be installed in a standard device box (deep box). Installation takes place in three steps: First, the flush-mounted connection module (Power over Ethernet, 24 V WLAN, 230 V WLAN) is installed in the device box.

Installation step 2:

A holding frame is fixed onto the flush-mounted connection module and attached to another box or screwed to the wall with two screws.

Installation step 3:

Once the installation work is complete, the display module is clipped into the holding frame. A disassembly safeguard protects the device from being easily disassembled.


The Gira G1 has now been installed and is ready for start-up. With KNX building functions, start-up is carried out by ETS from version 4.2. The additional weather forecast and door communication functions are started up on the device itself.

Gira G1