New Gira products

Gira consistently extends its product range and is constantly introducing new products for intelligent building technology. It presented the most important additions to its product range at the Light+Building 2018 trade fair in Frankfurt: New products and innovations in the areas of smart homes and door communication, in addition to the Gira G1 enhancements and the new Gira Studio design line, and much more. And many more besides!

Gira Studio design line

Exciting contrasts emerge if a static building wall follows dynamic interior trends. Gira has assumed the role of trendsetter in this interplay between function and design and broken new ground in terms of design lines with Gira Studio. As a result, the wall itself becomes the highlight. A switch where square becomes round. It is available in black on white. And white on black.

Available from 10/2018

Plug & Light

Plug & Light makes indoor lighting smart and light control incredibly simple. For flicker-free dimmable light in the matching switch design. Plug & Light is a defined interface that unites light control and power supply. Combined with appropriate light top units, Plug & Light offers easily-controllable indoor lighting – from dimming to warm dim. The open system can be used in the most common installation boxes, also in British Standard, and besides the controller, it also reconfigures the handling of the associated light top units. The installation of a Plug & Light lamp is also incredibly simple – the lamps are docked to the light socket outlet via a magnet. Once inserted, each lamp can be rotated through 360° and can even be replaced during operation. Plug & Light offers flexibility for planning, enables simple and reliable installation for the electrician and makes flexible indoor lighting come to life for the end customer.

Available from 02/2019

Mobile door communication - Gira DCS mobile

Whether on the move or using your home's WiFi: With Gira mobile DCS, Gira is presenting a new highlight for mobile door communication access. As a function in the familiar Gira DCS IP gateway for iOS and Android smartphones. Now via Gira's own portal solution. Highly encrypted via secure data access, which is also used in the Gira S1. New features such as early media, group calls and the award-winning Gira interface design ensure that you know who is at the door even when you are not at home. In the first version, images are updated twice every second. Other functionalities will follow in later updates. An update file will be available for all users who have already installed a Gira DCS IP gateway in their system.

Gira S1 - For secure remote access to the smart home

The Gira S1 remote access module enables users to connect to their KNX smart home easily and with total security from anywhere, thanks to encrypted communication. Switching off the light, checking the camera images, switching on the heating, closing the blinds while on the move – all safe in the knowledge that no unauthorised person has access to communication.

eNet SMART HOME - Gira G1 as operating device

With the Gira G1, all areas of the personal eNet SMART HOME system can be controlled from home: The intelligent central operating unit enables intuitive access to all functions. The Gira G1 eNet SMART HOME client fits perfectly into every room with a design that is both future oriented and simple.

Available from 04/2018

eNet SMART HOME - Heating control with tado°

When used in conjunction with the smart heating control from tado°, you can also control the room temperature using the eNet SMART HOME app and visualise the actual temperature and humidity. Controlling the tado° system via eNet SMART HOME will be possible from October 2018 in combination with the smart heating control from tado°.

Available from 10/2018

Gira E2 in black matt

Refined, sober, modern, strong and functional. The new Gira E2 interface reveals its effect: Black matt. For selected functions. Gira underlines its diversity of design through the Gira E2 design line, now with an exclusive new colour. Expect more from a switch than pure functionality. For example, an irresistible appearance. And a surprising feel.

To the Gira E2 in black matt

Gira E2 stainless steel

Designing a building in a consistent design means thinking holistically. Down to the smallest detail. Including switches. Now also in stainless steel as an optical upgrade for the cover frames and inserts of Gira E2. This is value in its most beautiful form. Surfaces with a cool-silver silky lustre in precision-crafted cover frames are one thing above all else: Elegant. Steel.

Gira X1 and Amazon Alexa voice control

It searches the Web for music, reads out messages, and informs you of the weather situation. The next logical step is obvious: control of intelligent building functions via Amazon Alexa. Gira enables this via its link to the Gira X1 server. Light: obeys your every word. Blinds: move upon command. Scenes: called up with a few words. "Plug and Talk" also applies here. Pairing is quick and uncomplicated. And it means that the building can be conveniently controlled even if you don't have your tablet or smartphone with the Gira X1 app to hand at that very moment. Thanks to Alexa.

Update available from 06/2018

Gira X1 and Sonos audio control

Control Sonos speakers conveniently with the Gira X1. Operating the Sonos box becomes child's play with the smart Gira X1 app. The music control can be integrated into the wall-mounted Gira
KNX touch sensors for quick access to the play function, for example.

Update available from 10/2018

Gira Project Assistant (GPA) update V3 and V4

Comprehensive networking has never been easier: Gira keeps its word. With the new versions 3 and 4, Gira is launching two major GPA releases in 2018 and 2019. Following up on the logic functions (v1) and visualisation features (v2), these releases now integrate start-up of the Gira door communication system (v3) and the new Gira security system Alarm Connect (v4). Building technology has never been easier or quicker to configure. The standardised programming also means that master
electricians who are already using GPA will need very little training. Once you've "learned" the GPA, you know all you need to know to place all the additional functions and devices into operation and link up the systems.

Gira G1 as X1 client

Another market innovation with the Gira G1: In combination with the Gira X1, the Gira G1 can now also be used as an X1 client. At this point, the all-rounder reveals its full capabilities. From lighting and shading, to heating and cooling, scene and music control, through to the integration of network cameras – everything is started up quickly and easily thanks to the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). Other Gira systems, such as the door communication system  and online weather service, can also be integrated.

Available from 06/2018

Gira G1 as eNet SMART HOME client

With the Gira G1, all areas of the personal eNet SMART HOME system can be controlled from home: The intelligent central operating unit enables intuitive access to all functions. The Gira G1 eNet SMART HOME client fits perfectly into every room with a design that is both future oriented and simple.

Available from 04/2018

Gira G1 as HomeServer client - New functions

The central control unit of all KNX-based building technology components: the Gira HomeServer. The central operating unit: the Gira G1. The next logical step is: the use of the Gira G1 as client – for the Gira HomeServer or a Gira FacilityServer. With the first release, the Gira G1 now displays the interface design of the Gira HomeServer. Nearly all the functions included in the scope of series delivery of the Gira HomeServer are supported. Further releases for additive functions will follow. A particularly persuasive aspect is that thanks to the Gira G1's updatability, devices that are already on the market can be equipped and used as a Gira HomeServer client.

Gira G1 as a KNX room operating device - New functions

Release v2 brought another substantial increase in the range of functions and thus the options available with the Gira G1. You can now create a total of up to 150 functions. To allow users to access the desired function without having to search for ages, these can now be sorted into six separate function folders.

Gira G1 KNX room operating device - Temperature sensor module

When controlling heating using the Gira G1, an additional KNX device was previously required to record the current room temperature. That's all changed now. The optional Gira G1 temperature sensor module now allows the current room temperature to be reliably and precisely measured. Directly by the Gira G1, with no additional KNX devices. The measured temperature can be used directly for room temperature control in the Gira G1, or made available to other devices via KNX.

Gira System 55
British Standard - International design featured by Gira.

The British Standard range from Gira is one of the most
comprehensive ranges worldwide. Gira has extended the diverse
range of functions for intelligent building management with
additional British Standard functions in Gira System 55.

Gira Fused spur British Standard 13 A. Available starting 07/2018
Gira British Standard 45 A switch. Available starting 11/2018

Gira System 3000 - Combines blind and lighting control!

The combination of the Gira light and blind controller to form the new installation kit System 3000 produced a compact and clearly structured range for the key controlling tasks in the electrical installation. Standardised system top units for lighting and blind control enable manual or automatic control of the functions. This means that many functions can be easily implemented with just a few components. You can program and operate the Bluetooth devices easily via the Gira app with a smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your sofa.

Gira X1 - Update

The reliable combination of mobility and data protection means the very best in terms of technology. The Gira X1 server is expanding the market: with a new generation for automating and visualising a single-family home with KNX system. And with increased simplicity, security, economy of space, and efficiency. The Gira X1 is the heart of the intelligent home. It can also be conveniently monitored and controlled with mobile end devices via the Gira X1 app.

Update available from 06/2018

Gira HomeServer - Update

The Gira HomeServer is the on-board computer for intelligent buildings. With the update to Version 4.7.0, the Gira HomeServer or Gira FacilityServer ensures a high level of security that covers all of its communications. Every exchange of data with the Gira HomeServer is encoded across all interfaces and clients on the basis of current security standards.

Gira HomeServer Expert 4.7.0 available from 07/2018
Gira HomeServer iOS app 4.7.0 available from 07/2018


Whether for a new build or a modernisation: eNet is the future-proof industry standard for the wireless-based control and networking of convenience objects. In houses or apartments up to 120 m² in size. If the networked building technology can already be controlled with eNet, Gira now embeds this expansion stage in a comprehensive, intuitively controlled operating system with a wide product range: wall transmitters, hand-held transmitters, operating top units. The eNet SMART HOME app takes on the central cockpit function. It also permits data-secure remote access while on the move. It can be used for the activation of individual functions, configurable scenes, and individual if-then rules. Installation is done impressively easily in two steps: installation of eNet SMART HOME products, and start-up via the intuitive browser interface eNet SMART HOME connect.

Gira Control 9 Client 2

The Gira Control 9 Client 2 is a display and operation unit, which can be connected to the Gira HomeServer or the Gira FacilityServer. The device has been developed from scratch and is designed specifically for energy efficiency and extreme durability. The Gira Control 9 Client 2 has an extremely vivid TFT touchscreen with a 22.86 cm (9") screen diagonal, a resolution of 1024 × 600 px and LED backlighting. In combination with the Gira DCS IP gateway, the Gira Control 9 Client 2 can also be used as a home station in the door communication system. The device has an integrated speaker and a digital microphone for high voice quality.

Gira System 3000 LED dimmer

Just as the triumph of LED lamps is unstoppable, so the variety of types is wide-ranging. There are special dimmers for each type of lamp. With the new Gira System 3000 universal dimmers, Gira now offers an intelligent solution that "thinks for itself". The Gira System 3000 LED dimmers are easy to install and automatically calibrate to the load. Gira has the right answer for all installation types and locations. The material and processing quality are designed for an extra long service life.

Gira KNX motion detector

The former Gira KNX automatic control switch is now the Gira KNX motion detector. With digital sensors for optimum detection. Lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, blinds and even scenes can be easily and conveniently activated when a person enters a room, hallway, or staircase. With an automatic switch-off function as soon as movement is no longer detected – without manual actuation. This is convenient, and saves power and money. The new Gira KNX motion detectors for 1.10 m and 2.20 m mounting heights are available in the Gira System 55, Gira E22 aluminium, Gira F100, Gira TX_44 (protection type IP44)
and therefore are optimally integrated into the Gira design.

Gira KNX power supply

For the provision of the KNX system voltage, Gira offers KNX power supplies in various power classes from 160 mA, 320 mA, 640 mA and 1,280 mA. Each variant has a choked output for supplying the KNX and an unchoked output for supplying devices with separate operating voltage. The total output of the two outputs can be split up as required. Thanks to the diagnosis function, potential errors such as a short circuit in the KNX system are displayed directly on the device via LEDs. A zero-voltage signal contact is additionally available. If required, a direct parallel connection (each of the same type) to increase performance is possible for the device variants 160 mA, 320 mA and 640 mA. Both devices can be installed directly next to each other in a distributor with no minimum distance.

KNX IP router "KNX Secure"

Data protection and security cannot be stressed enough in these times. The decisive factor here is the safe and reliable protection of the particularly sensitive and vulnerable network infrastructure against interception and tampering with KNX communication. Particularly in purpose-built buildings. A challenge that is accepted with the new release of the Gira KNX IP router: From product version v4, the Gira KNX IP router supports the new KNX Secure standard and thus acts as a secure protective shield in order to prevent attacks to the KNX System over the IP network. Gira IP routers from index status l14 already available on the market can be retrofitted via a firmware update for KNX Secure.

Gira door communication system and Gira Project Assistant (GPA)

Gira door communication systems are unprecedented when it comes to simple, quick and error-free installation. New: the DCS IP data interface which also enables simple start-up using the GPA and the DCS IP data interface if the items to be installed do not physically exist. The transfer of data points to building automation is also enabled. Thus, for example, "Leaving Home" or "Coming Home" scenes can be started using Gira X1 for an incoming call at the door. The tried and tested push-button start-up can also still be used.

Gira Keyless In Fingerprint

Gira has also been busy in the Keyless In area. The new fingerprint has been available for the Gira TX_44 design lines and in the Gira System 55 since December 2017. With the new fingerprint technology, the fingerprint is more robust than its predecessor. Higher reading speeds and increased user management of 99 fingerprints complete the product. This is a first step in the Keyless In area. Other steps will follow.

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