Gira wireless wall transmitter

Controlling light and blinds wirelessly

Gira wireless wall transmitters from the Gira wireless bus system can be mounted exactly where they are wanted and needed – regardless of the spatial conditions and mains supplies. They communicate wirelessly with the devices to be switched.

The number of buttons corresponds to the number of freely combinable functions. Switching, dimming, blind control and control of up to five light scenes.

Product design

The wireless wall transmitter consists of a wireless transmitter insert and an attachable touch sensor, which can centrally control lights or blinds in addition to simple switching and dimming commands. The wireless wall transmitter can be inserted into a surface-mounted housing and installed at any desired location, for example on glass or the side wall of a cabinet that would otherwise conceal conventional light switches.

Sample function

The wireless wall transmitter can be programmed as follows, for example: The first two buttons are assigned three light scenes and a central switch-off function, and the third button is used to control the blinds.

Technical data

Power supply

6 V DC


2 x lithium button cell (CR2032)

Transmission frequency

433.42 MHz (ASK)

Transmission range

max. 100 m (free field)

Temperature range

0°C to +55°C

Rel. humidity

max. 80%


Gira references international

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Radio wall transmitter insert

Operating manual.

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Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

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Manual lighting control