Gira presence and motion detector 360° Kompakt

Lighting automated throughout

The Gira presence and motion detector 360° Kompakt offers a number of functions for automating lighting. First and foremost is the reliable detection of movement. The presence and motion detector may, however, also be used simply as a twilight switch. Functions like dynamic overrun time or occupancy simulation are set using an IR remote control. The surface-mounted design of the housing enables efficient, flexible installation.


  • Automatically switches lighting on/off, depending on thermal motion and ambient brightness
  • Function as twilight switch
  • 2-point light control
  • Adjustable functions and operation with IR remote control
  • Expansion of the detection range by connecting several devices in parallel


  • Short-term operation, e.g. for controlling acoustic signal transmitters
  • Dynamic overrun time
  • Occupancy simulation
  • Teach-in function for adapting the brightness threshold, in combination with IR remote controls
  • Switch-off pre-warning

Technical data

Rated voltage:

AC 110 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz


max. 0.3 W

Angle of detection:


Mounting height:

approx. 3 m

Detection range:

approx. 20 m

Brightness level:

approx. 5 to 2000 lx

Overrun time:

approx. 10 s to 30 min
Short-term operation: approx. 0.5 s

Switching current at 35°C:

ohmic: 16 A (AC1)
Fluorescent lamps: 4 AX

Connected load at AC 230 V~ and 35°C:

Light bulbs: 2300 W
HV halogen lamps: 2000 W
Gira Tronic transformer: 1500 W
wound transformer: 1000 VA
LED lamps: typ. 400 W
Compact fluorescent lamp:
typ. 400 W
Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated: 920 VA
Capacitive load: 690 VA, 560 μF

Connected load at AC 110 V~ and 35°C:

Light bulbs: 1150 W
HV halogen lamps: 1000 W
Gira Tronic transformer: 750 W
wound transformer: 500 VA
LED lamps: typ. 200 W
Compact fluorescent lamp:
typ. 200 W
Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated: 460 VA
Capacitive load: 345 VA, 560 μF

Ambient temperature:

-5°C to +45°C


Ø 103 H 63 mm

Automatic lighting control