Gira automatic control switch 360°

All-round control, Gira automatic control switch 360°, pure white

The automatic control switch 360° is used for automatic light control, e.g. in long hallways and passageways. It is installed in the ceiling and monitors the area beneath it. The lighting then switches itself on depending upon motion and ambient brightness. The range of detection can be expanded using auxiliary units. Available colours: White and aluminium

Product details

  • Manual actuation with auxiliary unit, button or NO contact
  • Test mode/short-term operation
  • A bell can be controlled using System 2000 switch inserts
  • Memory values can be saved with System 2000 dimming inserts using a System 2000 auxiliary unit
  • Dimming light using System 2000 dimming inserts: when the set overrun time elapses, lighting is continuously dimmed to the minimum brightness within 30 seconds and then switched off.
  • Day mode
  • Detection field for installation height: 3 m
    20 m diameter when passing by on the side
    12 m diameter when directly approaching the device


Automatic switch 360°, System 2000

Operating manual.

Bestell-Nr 2270 02, 2270 04

PDF, 393,2 KB


Automatic lighting control