Building technology is shaping up for SmartGrids –
with EEBUS

SmartGrids are also increasingly gaining in importance in connection with energy and cost-efficient building control. These intelligent electricity grids will be necessary in the future to compensate for fluctuations in power supply, which goes hand in hand with the increased use of renewable energy sources.

They are capable of bidirectionally transporting electricity and information and thus offer new possibilities with respect to electricity usage. So, in the future, buildings can be equipped with energy management systems that independently regulate individual energy requirements. For example, washing machines and other household appliances can be started precisely when the electricity price is cheap. In contrast, electricity generated by a roof-mounted photovoltaic system, for example, can be preferentially used for personal consumption when prices are higher.

A common language for all the participating systems is required to facilitate the necessary flow of information between all the SmartGrid devices. This is where the EEBUS is used. As the open communication standard, it 'translates' the various building control protocols such as KNX, ZigBee or uPnP for smooth communication with SmartGrids.

Together with numerous renowned companies from various fields of building technology, Gira supports the establishment of EEBUS as a standardised interface between building automation and energy management.

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