Gira Keyless In

Opening doors without keys.

Gira Keyless In products make it possible to open doors of buildings or single rooms safely and without keys – either via code or fingerprint. Thanks to the flexible design options of Gira System 55, you can freely combine the modules that fit your personal style best.

Product features

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

Due to its splash-proof design (IP44), the product is suitable for basements, damp rooms and outdoor areas.

Operation either via fingerprint or code access.

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Opening doors via code.

The Gira Keyless In keypad reacts to the slightest touch without pressure. After you have entered your personal combination, the entry is confirmed through an acoustic signal. This kind of capacitive technology not only protects the device from wear-and-tear, but also ensures a high level of security: your keys will prevent unauthorised users from reconstructing frequently entered codes. Should someone try to remove the keypad by force, the device will sound an alarm.

The Gira Keyless In keypad with a frame from the Gira E2 design line.

Opening doors via fingerprint.

Fingerprints are probably the oldest means of identifying persons. With Gira Keyless In, this type of identification is based on smart technology: a highly sensitive biometrical system evaluates the structures of your finger’s undermost skin layers. The process works reliably for any person aged 6 or older, even if the finger is slightly dirty or injured or the skin structure changes in later years. Recognising live fingers, the smart sensor can store up to 99 fingerprints. Should someone try to remove the device by force, it will sound an alarm.

Gira Keyless In fingerprint module within the Gira System 106.

If you would like to integrate Gira Keyless In into a Gira System 106 door intercom, there are several options available:

  • Gira Keyless In fingerprint is mounted onto the facade together with other modules (camera, speaker, nameplate, etc.).

  • Gira Keyless In fingerprint is mounted separately from other door intercom modules (left, right, or below, for example).  

Alternatively, Gira Keyless In fingerprint also works as a stand-alone installation – without being attached to a door communication system.

Stylepark Selected Award 2022 goes to Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module.

New on the market and already awarded as one of the best new products of the year: The Gira System 106 Keyless In fingerprint module. Since 2018, the Stylepark Selected Award has been presented to special new products in the design and architecture sector that impress with sustainability, high-quality design and forward-thinking technology.

Flexible in form and function.

Since the fingerprint module can be integrated in so many different ways, you have even more options when it comes to configuring your door intercom. This includes the choice of colour: from aluminium to stainless steel and bronze (PVD), there’s a matching variant for any interior style.

Colour variants of the Gira Keyless In fingerprint module within the Gira System 106.

Gira Keyless In fingerprint and Gira System 106.

The fingerprint module makes it easy to retrofit Gira Keyless In for a door intercom of the Gira System 106. Your installer will configure your setup via app, with the help of a guided questionnaire. You can register up to 100 fingers – so you won’t need any spare keys, even in bigger households.

The first impression counts: Gira Keyless In as part of the Gira System 106.

Managing access options via the Gira Keyless In app.

In combination with the Gira System 106, the fingerprint module can be controlled via app. Thus, all it takes is a few swipes on your smartphone to check or adjust individual settings. By way of example, you might set certain time limits so that a housekeeper will only have access for a couple of hours during the week. The device’s software can be updated, which allows you to add more functions to your existing installation later on.  

There’s also the option to connect Gira Keyless In fingerprint to the Gira HomeServer. You will thus be able to control your lights, blinds, or heating via fingerprint as well – and activate an automated lighting scene when you come home at night, for instance.

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