"Made in Germany – made by diversity"

"Made in Germany – made by diversity"

Gira promotes tolerance and cosmopolitanism. Its 1,250 employees live these values every day.

For an open-minded work environment.

With the campaign "Made in Germany – Made by Vielfalt", Gira joins 49 other German companies to advocate for diversity in the workplace. Their message: "People's national and cultural backgrounds don't matter. What matters is treating each other respectfully."

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1,250 people from 25 nations.

Open-mindedness and tolerance form the basis of any successful partnership. These values lie at the core of Gira's corporate culture and are lived by more than 1,250 employees every day. "It is our responsibility as a company and a member of this society to advocate for a culturally diverse working environment – and thereby ensure that Germany remains a key player within the global economy."