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2019 Family Company Careers Day

2019 Family Company Careers Day

Tips for applicants, shared by a Gira team member.

An interview with Gira team member Frederik Schmidt.

Studying IT, engineering or business? Or perhaps you’re a graduate or a professional with years of experience in your field? Gira is always looking for great people with a passion for technology. To achieve our vision of making homes and industrial buildings more convenient with smart home solutions, we need pioneers who understand the electronics sector. If this sounds like you, then come along to this year’s Gira careers day in Radevormwald to find out more about our family company. At this recruitment and networking event, potential applicants can meet Gira’s owners and decision-makers, as well as representatives from other companies from our sector. In this interview, Gira team member Frederik Schmidt explains what you can expect from the event and the best way to apply for a role within the company.

Editor: Hello Mr Schmidt. You joined the Gira project management team almost two months ago now. Could you tell us a little more about what your role involves?

F. Schmidt: Hello, thanks for inviting me to talk about my work at Gira as part of this year’s careers day. I’ve been working in development project management since August 2019. I spend most of my day organising projects, which means I do a lot of communicating – on the phone, in meetings and by email. There are some technical aspects to the role too: For example, I help to design the manuals for new products by providing information on the product functions.

Gira Mitarbeiter am PC
A number of Gira employees are involved in this stage before any new product gets through to the market.

Editor: How did you become aware of Gira? And how did you ultimately get in contact with Gira?

F. Schmidt: When I was looking for a job, I wasn’t fully certain what exactly I wanted to do for a career. Some friends told me about Gira, and I started looking out for the switches and socket outlets I’d see around me to work out whether they were Gira products. Gira solutions can now be found in many public places, such as hotels. By chance, the careers day was also taking place around this time. I was excited to get to know the company a little better in person. I sent off my CV using the application form on the family company careers day website and I was lucky enough to be selected to attend. I knew that places were limited, so I was even more excited to be invited to come along.

Editor: So things got off to a good start for you. And how was the careers day itself? What exactly can graduates and experienced professionals expect from this recruitment and networking event?

F. Schmidt: The main draw of the event is that attendees get to talk to a number of different family companies and introduce themselves to specialists in their field and HR representatives.

Editor: That sounds a little bit like a job interview – so how should potential applicants prepare for this day? What was the atmosphere like when you attended?

F. Schmidt: Whether they were scheduled in advance or spontaneous, all of the conversations I had felt very natural and open. I think it’s very helpful to have some idea of your own capabilities and what you could do in a company in the future, and to openly mention these aspects in your interactions.

Editor: The careers day was obviously a success for you – you now work in Gira’s project management team. Just one more question for you: How is your day-to-day working life going? What is so special about working in a family company?

F. Schmidt: The main thing is the working atmosphere. I think that many family companies have a more long-term economic outlook, as they aren’t as compelled to deliver amazing results each and every quarter. At Gira, this long-term thinking is evident in the way employees are treated. During my induction phase, which is still ongoing, I’ve received a lot of help and support. I was also trusted to take on responsibility very early on. Although this was a bit like being thrown in at the deep end, it was a welcome challenge for me.

Redaktion: Thank you for giving us this fascinating insight into your work and for talking to us as part of careers day.