L'Oréal Headquarters, Düsseldorf

L'Oréal Headquarters, Düsseldorf

The headquarters of L'Oréal Germany lie in the north of Düsseldorf. Standing at a height of 60 metres, they are visible even from afar. The design embodies transparency, innovation & sustainability.


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Düsseldorf, Germany

At a height of around 60 metres, the new headquarters of L'Oréal Germany forms the northern entrance to the city of Düsseldorf, visible from afar. The design was to embody the values of transparency, innovation and sustainability. The building reflects these values both internally and externally. The building name "Horizon" was derived from the overriding design principle of horizontal structuring.

Impressive headquarters with a stunning, glazed façade. Source: Ralph Richter

Upon entering the DGNB Gold certified building, the visitor is greeted by a white-gold interior: The colour scheme provides an elegant but restrained setting for the complexity of the group with its 34 different brands across all floors. The communication zones of the office worlds from the 3rd to the 14th floor, on the other hand, were designed in different styles: Whether an area was designed in the Shabby Chic Look or in the Modern Style was decided by the employees on each floor.

An open plan area enables flexible working at both fixed and flexible spaces. There are also separate options for deep work. Source: Ralph Richter

In addition to the open-space areas with a total of 1,000 permanent workplaces, the new working worlds provide for an additional 890 flexible workplaces: These include a number of smaller think tanks, meeting rooms, phone booths and a silent room. This leaves it up to the employees themselves to decide whether they prefer to work sitting, standing or communicatively in a team, or whether they want to use one of the many opportunities for retreat to pursue a task undisturbed.

Comfortably-design work areas mean that employees can choose to work in a relaxed & concentrated manner. Source: Ralph Richter

Architecture Reference - Key Facts:

Building Length: 90m

Building Depth: 16m

Height: 60m

Gross Floor Area (Above Ground): 25.000 m²

Gross Floor Area (Total): 38.000m²

NGF: 22.000 m² (above ground)

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