Krypt Bar – Vaulted cellar with style

Krypt Bar – Vaulted cellar with style

For Krypt Bar’s guests, it’s an experience: The large, vaulted cellar with a depth of 12 metres is impressive at with a harmonious interior design and ambience. To achieve this, the architects invested considerable effort.


Büro KLK, Vienna

Expert Electronic Planning

Elektro Riegler GmbH


David Schreyer


Vienna, Austria

Well-hidden historical ambience.

Mysterious and dark, a cellar can be an alluring place. Even this cellar located under an early 19th century listed building in Vienna’s Berggasse has fallen into oblivion. It’s not documented or even recorded in any plans. What’s more, the “Krypt Bar” today is a place you stumble into by chance. So well hidden, it’s somewhere you really have to look for.

Renovation revives ambience.

When carrying out static investigations, the architects working on renovations of the building above came across this hidden cellar by chance. Many assume that a jazz bar had been operating in this place in 1950s and 1960s.

The idea of breathing new life into this atmospherically dense, old vault with a bar attracted both the client and the architects. Plenty of effort went into creating the perfect bar experience. This included air out some of the cellar’s damp wall, creating a second escape staircase and installing technical equipment. A new ventilation system was also needed, so that no musty cellar smell lingered.

Despite its publicity, the bar owners stress the importance of discretion. The entrance is purposefully uninteresting: just a plain grey door and no signs. The bar itself lies twelve metres underground.

Atmospheric lighting realised with the Gira HomeServer in a KNX system.

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