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Squaring the circle

Squaring the circle

In architecture, contrasts are created by combining different shapes or materials. Wide to narrow, high to low, reflective to dull or concave to convex, the interplay between shapes and colours creates relationships that can be used to place a particular emphasis on components or to ensure they remain in the background. High-contrast architecture makes a strong and independent impression, while monochrome design often seems softer and more fluid. At the heritage-listed Vierkanthof in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, the design preferences of mo.studio are easy to identify. Black and white form an expansive contrast that, as a design line, continues throughout the entire building.

Header für Referenz von mo.studio
Contrasts are the element that defines the design in mo.studio’s Vierkanthof (Photo: Julia Reschucha)

Harmony and contrast are not mutually exclusive

The beauty of playing with shapes and colours is that there’s no right or wrong, but countless different approaches instead that all result in their very own design. The Gira System 55, for example, offers architects and planners a playground to give their creativity free rein. Just like building blocks, the frames and switching inserts can be chosen individually and combined in any way. 90 frame designs meet seven design lines for a multitude of potential combinations. Even when components aren’t from the System 55 series, the products in the range are all designed to complement each other.

raumprobe Collage Kontraste
Many different colour and material combinations make the Gira design lines extremely versatile.

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