Door communications

Gira surface-mounted home station video Plus
Made even better
The Gira surface-mounted home station video is in great demand on the market. It's hardly surprising given its simple installation and smooth integration into all of Gira's attractive switch ranges. But good things can always be made better. This is why Gira now offers the surface-mounted home station video Plus with additional functions for even more convenient use.
Gira DCS-IP-gateway
New possibilities at the door
Modern door communication systems are comfortable and guarantee more safety in entrance areas. This applies to private homes as well as for buildings used commercially. The new Gira DCS-IP-gateway not only simplifies the operation of the door communication, but also significantly expands the possibilities of the Gira door communication system.
Gira surface-mounted home station video
The Gira surface-mounted home station video
The video function will become a part of the future: experts predict a significant increase in image-based communication with door intercom systems, meaning a lucrative market for the electrical trade. In order to support electricians, Gira has further expanded its expertise in the field of video technology, developing a surface-mounted version for the home station with video.
Gira Door Station Stainless Steel
Elegant, authentic and robust
With the Door Station Stainless Steel, Gira expands its door communication system with a high-quality alternative in a real material. The new door station unites beauty with strength. The ground front panel of high quality Nirosta V2A stainless steel is not only attractive and authentic, but also outstandingly robust – and is therefore especially tamper-proof and weather-resistant.