Gira Esprit

Diversity of materials for the switch range

Gira Esprit, glass C mint
push switch, pure white glossy

The Gira Esprit switch range offers an unusually wide diversity of materials. The clear frame design is combined with selected surface made of wood, glossy glass, various aluminium variants or glossy gold or chrome-gloss polished metal. More than 300 functions that can be installed into the switch range offer maximum flexibility for all intelligent building technology requirements – from socket outlets and light switches right up to innovative systems for the automation and central control of the complete electrical installation.

In addition, with Gira Esprit, glass C the glass variants of the switch range offer another alternative for the form of the frames. For this, the edges of the 6 mm thick glass frame are ground to a semicircular form with the so-called "C grinding progress" which results in a design variant with soft edges and rounded corners.


Glass is a material that has played a major role in interior design for centuries. During its history it has put several revolutions behind it in terms of its manufacturing processes. Today it provides a purity, stability and quality which has very little in common with its predecessors. Glass can be finished or coloured in a variety of ways. The Gira Esprit glass frames are colour-highlighted in black, white, mint or umber. The effect is a very sophisticated appearance on both light and dark surfaces.

Glass C

The soft edges and rounded corners of Gira Esprit, glass C offer a alternative to purism and linearity. The edges of the 6 mm thick glass frame are ground to a semicircular form with the so-called "C grinding process".


For centuries, walnut has been one of the most popular woods for manufacturing furniture. It is also often used for making musical instruments or the dashboards of luxury automobiles. The frames made of aluminium with walnut wood veneer are suitable for interior design concepts which rely on authentic materials. Each frame is unique. The natural grain of the wood which stems from European walnut trees lends each individual frame its own individual character. The combination of wood and aluminium joins an organic impression with a high-tech appearance.

Aluminium black

Modern colour concepts expertly set accents using dark colours. The frames made of polished, anodised aluminium in black or matt brown are perfectly integrated in these concepts. Anodising protects and changes the colour of the aluminium with an artificial oxide layer. The natural grained structure of the material is maintained. The feel of the surface does justice to its high-quality appearance. For example, when combined with white inserts, the result is an attractive interplay of a modern forefront and a classic background.


The chemical element with the atomic number of 13 is a late bloomer among the earth metals – at least as far as its discovery goes. It wasn't found and named until 1808, and scientists solved the mystery of its extraction in 1827. In the 1920s aluminium became the material of the modern age, and between 1940 and 1960 the international designer elite experimented with the cult material. Architects and interior designers are working with aluminium again today. The matt ground and anodised frames of the Esprit switch range are a good example of the timeless elegance of this material. They have an enormous impact on slightly greys walls or bare concrete, e.g. when combined with anthracite coloured inserts.


The golden yellow colouring characteristic of brass has long been part of residential architecture. Luxurious reception halls, beautifully curved door handles and stylish lights in front of the wood panelled wall: the gold of brass creates a luxurious appearance and exudes high-quality elegance. It also develops an outstanding interaction with other metals. Gira Esprit in the brass variant can also serve as a brilliant eye-catcher on a white wall. It provides the elegant framework for switches, socket outlets and many other functions.


The most influential architects of the modern and contemporary movements used the high-gloss appearance of chrome for finishing. Many of the furniture designed at that time have now become timeless modern classics. Sofas, armchairs and chairs with high-gloss chromed frames are still the current trend. The Gira Esprit chrome frame offers the matching expansion on the wall. With its high-gloss surface, its cool and unobtrusive appearance can be integrated in interior design.


(in mm)

1-gang cover frame
H 95 x W 95 x D 9.85
2-gang cover frame
H 166 x B 95 x T 9.85
3-gang cover frame
H 236.8 x W 95 x D 9.85
4-gang cover frame
H 308 x W 95 x D 9.85
5-gang cover frame
H 380.2 x W 95 x D 9.85

Gira Esprit

Gira Esprit, glass C


Gira Phoenix Design, Stuttgart
Gira Design Team, Radevormwald
red dot award 2001
Design Zentrum NRW

Design Plus 2000
Light+Building Frankfurt

Plus X Award 2010
High Quality
and Design Category

Interior Innovation
Award 2011,
Rat für Formgebung

red dot award 2011,
Design Zentrum NRW

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