Gira switch ranges –
award-winning design for any ambience

The Gira design system includes 10 switch ranges with more than 300 functions. There are more than 80 frame variants and a variety of inserts in different colours and materials to choose from. Frames, switches and inserts can be replaced independently of one another to add new functions or make aesthetic statements. The Gira products can thus be combined to fit in with any furnishings. The Gira switch ranges have won several internationally renowned design awards.

Gira Design Configurator with augmented reality

With the Gira Design Configurator, users can combine the diverse frame variants of the Gira switch ranges with selected functions in various colours and materials from the Gira product range as desired. The new, fascinating 'Live View' mode uses a smartphone’s or a tablet’s camera to show what selected design variants look like in your real-life environment.

Gira System 55 – the modular system with more than 300 functions

The Gira System 55 combines a large selection of the functions of modern building technology with a wide range of design variants. The key to it all is a single square measuring 55 x 55 mm. This uniform measurement for function modules and matching frames makes the planning, logistics and installation of switches and other building technology functions easier.

Standard 55

Gira Standard 55 offers quality with a wide range of options for basic installations. It includes more than 300 functions for convenient, safe and economical electrical installation in three different colours.


The Gira E2 switch range combines pared-down design with functional materials and intelligent technology. It is available in four colours.


Das Schalterprogramm Gira E3 vereint eine runde Formensprache mit seiden­matten und glänzenden Oberflächen in neun dezenten Farbtönen. Aus der Kombination von Trägerrahmen und Einsätzen in den Farben Anthrazit oder Reinweiß glänzend und den farbigen Deckrahmen ergeben sich vielfältige Designvarianten.


A variety of colours and a uniquely rounded frame shape are the striking characteristics of the Gira Event switch range. Green, aubergine, amber or an intense blue allow for extraordinary interior design concepts.


The Gira Esprit switch range offers an extraordinarily diverse range of materials. The clear frame design is combined with selected surface materials of linoleum-plywood, glass, or various metal variants.


In addition to conventional flush-mounted installation, the Gira E22 switch range offers the option of an installation procedure that results in a frame which is just 3 mm thick when installed on the wall. Gira E22 is available in the three materials: stainless steel, aluminium and thermoplastic [pure white glossy].


The Gira F100 combines simple and timeless elegance with exposed dimensions. The frames are available in five different design variants. In addition to classic pure white and cream white glossy, the colours chrome, brass and platinum offer additional ways to refine architectural concepts with superior standards.

Stainless Steel

Gira Stainless Steel is an elegant switch range with two series: Series 20 and Series 21. Both are made of stainless steel and feature a sand-blasted matt surface. The product range offers all the important functions for modern building management.


Gira S-Color is the Gira design classic, whose round socket outlet and switch toggle make it unmistakeable. The frame variants and all the inserts of the switch range are available in five different colours: pure white, grey, black, blue and red.


Gira TX_44 is the perfect switch range for use outdoors or in damp rooms, but it also has a role to play in interior design.

Water-protected, flush-mounted

All the switches, buttons and SCHUKO socket outlets with hinged covers from the Gira Standard 55, E2, Stainless Steel Series 21 and Gira F100 switch ranges can be installed with water protection in accordance with IP44 using special sealing kits.

Water-protected, surface-mounted

The Gira water-protected, surface-mounted range is an especially robust switch range. It is suitable for installation in damp rooms and wherever there are particular stresses. As a result, it is perfect for use in cellars, garages, workshops and in production facilities, as well as outdoors, of course.


The Gira surface-mounted range is a neat solution for dry rooms, where walls can’t or shouldn’t be prised open. It is installed on the wall using the simple clip method.

Design awards

In addition to outstanding technical quality, Gira attaches a great deal of importance to product design. In intensive collaboration with external and in-house design teams, Gira develops products that are repeatedly recognized for their exceptional and simple design.

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