Gira InfoTerminal Touch

Gira InfoTerminal Touch, glass black


The Gira InfoTerminal Touch from the Gira KNX system is the central switching unit for intelligent electrical installations. The 5.7" TFT touch display enables intuitive navigation and provides an overview of the status of the entire building technology.

With the colour display, functions such as switching, dimming and blind control can be executed, light scenes can be saved and called up, and a variety of bus functions can be linked with ease. The user menu is freely definable and can be individually designed.

New. The next generation

The new Gira InfoTerminal Touch device generation available since October 2008 features a network connection, enabling it a wide spectrum of Internet functionality. This allows data to be downloaded, news services to be subscribed to and fault messages to be sent per e-mail. In addition, a software update of the basic functions enables applications such as graphs, occupied-home simulations and an astro time clock.

Product details

  • TFT touch display with 320 x 240 pixels, (5.7"/4096 colours)
  • 16 operating and display elements per page, up to 50 pages (max. 400 display elements)
  • Detailed functions can be operated and displayed via sub-menus


  • Background images (jpg, bmp)
  • Display and reception of e-mail (text mail), max. 5 e-mail mailboxes
  • News services in RSS 2.0 format (max. 8 RSS feeds)
  • Fault messages via e-mail
  • Display of graphs according to day, week, month, year
  • Occupied-home simulation
  • Switching status can be shown with a symbol
  • Status symbols
  • Freely programmable user menu
  • Password protection
  • Configuration of switching, dimming, bind and measured value displays
  • Light scene function with auxiliary unit operation
  • Saving and calling up of 24 light scenes with up to 32 outputs (1 bit or 1 byte)
  • Limit-value calculation
  • Alarm functions via pop-up functions or via acoustic signal
  • Internal real-time clock is available for time functions
  • Date and time can be received from a system clock and transmitted by the internal clock.
  • 16-channel time clock (weekly program) with Astro and random function
  • Extensive logic functions, e.g. timers, mulitplexers, logic gates
  • Signalling system, 40 alarm devices and 2 activation ranges
  • Page call up via communication object
  • Remote control in the local network via PC client software (Microsoft® Windows® Xp or Vista)

Project planning

The Gira InfoTerminal Touch is configured using configuration software integrated in the ETS. A preview function is helpful here. The page layout can be defined freely. Operating and display elements can be positioned on the display as desired. The device is configured via the USB interface which can be accessed from the front or by changing the configurations via the KNX.


The Gira InfoTerminal Touch can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The desired installation type should be set at the beginning of the project.

Technical data

W x H x D: approx. 228 x 146 x 8 mm
Power supply
AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Ambient temperature
-5°C to +45 °C
Protection type
IP 20
  • Power supply (L, N) via screw terminals up to 2.0 mm
  • KNX via connection and branch terminal


Phoenix Design, Stuttgart
Interface design
schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation, Wuppertal
Design awards
  • Plus X Award,
    media society networks, 2007,
  • red dot award product design, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 2007

Operating devices