Gira InfoTerminal Touch

Gira InfoTerminal Touch,
glass black/aluminium

The Gira InfoTerminal Touch from the Gira KNX system is the central switching unit for intelligent electrical installations. The 14.5 cm [5.7"] TFT touch display enables intuitive navigation and gives an overview of the status of the entire building technology. The user menu is freely definable, and its structure can be customised. For example, functions which are used particularly frequently can be placed centrally in the menu. With the colour display, functions such as switching, dimming and blind control can be executed, light scenes can be saved and called up, measured values can be displayed, and a variety of bus functions can be linked.

In addition, the intelligent operating device is network-capable and can be integrated in an existing network with ease. Data can be downloaded, news services in RSS 2.0 format can be subscribed to and pre-defined fault messages can be sent per e-mail. With its cover frame made of real materials (glass and aluminium), the Gira InfoTerminal Touch has a convincingly high-quality and elegant appearance. It is available in three models with white, black, or mint coloured glass, which allows it to be harmonise with diverse interiors. The Gira InfoTerminal Touch will be available until 06/2014.

  • Convenient operation via the colour touch display
  • Flexible installation
  • Alarm functions via pop-up functions or acoustic message
  • Integrated password protection
  • Integration of up to five e-mail accounts
  • Remote control in the local network via PC client software
  • Internet functions thanks to network capability
  • Freely selectable background images in jpg and bmp format
  • Control of occupied-home simulation as burglary prevention
  • Storage and call-up of up to 24 light scenes
  • Internal real-time clock for setting time functions

Convenient operation via the colour touch display

The Gira InfoTerminal Touch enables convenient operation of the entire intelligent electrical installation from the KNX system from one source. The 14.5 cm [5.7"] TFT touch display has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The menu is freely definable: Operating and display elements can be positioned anywhere on the display. Up to 16 operating and display elements can be shown per page. A maximum of 50 pages (with a total of up to 400 display elements) can be programmed. Detailed functions can be operated and displayed via submenus.

Internet functions thanks to network capability

A network connection on the device enables numerous Internet functionalities. This allows news services to be subscribed to and fault messages to be sent per e-mail. In addition, updating the basic software functions makes applications possible such as diagrams, presence simulations and an astro time clock.


The Gira InfoTerminal Touch can be installed either horizontally or vertically so that it can be placed anywhere on the wall.


The Gira InfoTerminal Touch is configured via a configuration software integrated in the ETS. A preview function simplifies configuration. Configuration is carried out via the USB interface accessible from the front (remove design cover plate, device must not be removed), or when making changes in the configuration via the KNX or the Ethernet interface.

Technical data

InfoTerminal Touch:
W 228 x H 146 x D 8 mm
TFT touch display:
W 115 x H 86.5 mm
Screen diagonal
Touch display:
14.5 cm [5.7"]
Power supply:
AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
IP communication:
Ethernet 10BaseT [10 Mbit]
power supply [L, N] via screw terminals up to 2.5 mm, Instabus via connection and branch terminals
Ambient temperature:
5 °C to + 45 °C
Protection type:
IP 20
Installation type:


Phoenix Design, Stuttgart
Interface design
schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation, Wuppertal
Design awards
Plus X Award,
media society networks, 2007

red dot award product design, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 2007

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