Gira Control 9 KNX

 Gira Control 9 KNX, glass black/aluminium

The Gira Control 9 KNX is the compact central control unit for the KNX installation in the home. The touch panel with 22.9 cm [9"] display facilitates convenient operation of all bus functions and provides diverse additional features such as e-mail, news, and weather services, as well as the clear display of consumption graphs. The PC-based device independently controls the intelligent electrical installation without requiring a connection to the Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer for this purpose. The multi-award-winning Gira Interface also ensures convenient and simple operation here. Thanks to intuitive and easy-to-understand menu guidance, all functions are available within two levels.

An intelligent standby concept keeps energy consumption low
while also ensuring that the Gira Control 9 KNX is automatically
activated if necessary, e.g. when important messages are received
or automated processes should be started. Moreover,
as an option audio-visual door communication with the
DCS-IP-gateway can be integrated in the user interface of the
Gira Control 9 KNX. The elegant design cover plate made of aluminium is
optionally available with glass and in the colours black, white, mint and

  • Central operation of the entire building technology
  • Clear function display
  • Individual list of favourites
  • Call-up of camera images
  • Energy module
  • Display of current weather data
  • LED backlighting for ideal legibility
  • Power-saving standby mode
  • Individual design of the start screen, the background images, and the operating menu
  • Integration in the Gira door communication
  • Clear pop-up menu
  • Signalling system
  • Cost-reducing data evaluation
  • Display of news services
  • Direct e-mail loading
  • Integrated power supply unit
  • Playback of acoustic signals
  • Optionally available adapter frame for installation in Gira InfoTerminal Touch flush-mounted boxes

Central operation of the entire building technology

The Gira Control 9 KNX enables the central operation of all functions in the KNX system. To do so, the brilliant display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels offers particularly convenient operation and is clearly legible from all directions. Dimming the light, switching on heating, or raising the blinds – up to 25 rooms and 300 functions can be saved and conveniently called up with one hand. It is not necessary to connect to a Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer because the Gira Control 9 KNX works as an autonomous central control unit.

Integration in the Gira door communication

In addition to a loudspeaker and microphone, the Gira Control 9 KNX also features a colour camera. The device can also be integrated in the door communication and used as a home station with ease via the Gira DCS-IP-gateway. Because of this, occupants can use the Control 9 KNX not just to see who is at the door, but also to communicate with the visitor and open the door.

Function display

All devices in a room and their status can be seen at a glance. All functions can be directly operated from this display.

Pop-up menu

Detailed information and operating elements are displayed within a pop-up menu above the list view instead of in another level. This ensures clear operation.

Individual list of favourites

Under the "Favourites" menu item, occupants can save a collection of frequently-used functions to call them up conveniently later.

Signalling system

The touch display displays the current status of the in-house alarm system and enables it to be operated easily.

Call-up of camera images

The images from various cameras on the property can be called up in one operating step. This enables the user to always have a good view of the entire outdoor area.

Cost-reducing data evaluation

Operating and consumption data can be continuously recorded. Data collected in this way can be displayed as a graph. Developments can thus be analysed, comparative calculations can be made and the potential for savings can be determined more easily.

Energy module

The energy module allows the current household consumption values to be compared to values from the previous year: In this way, occupants can recognise quickly and easily whether electricity, water, or gas consumption is literally in the green range.

Display of news services

With the Gira Control 9 KNX, home occupants are always kept up-to-date: The network-capable device also shows news reports or blog feeds from various suppliers in RSS 2.0 format.

Current weather data

Find out in the morning whether to pack an umbrella for the day. The Control 9 KNX makes it possible: An online weather service is available in the Gira Interface free of charge for this purpose.

Direct e-mail loading

With the Gira Control 9 KNX e-mails can be called up, read, and sorted. Individually created user accounts enable personal use for all occupants.


The Gira Control 9 KNX is installed into the wall in a flush-mounted box. The adapter frame 2081 00 also enables installation in existing InfoTerminal Touch flush-mounted boxes. This allows older systems to be upgraded to the current state-of-the-art. Power supply is via an integrated long-range 110 to 230 V power supply unit. Thus, an additional power supply unit in the flush-mounted box or distributor is not required.


- Desk housing to be placed on a desk or installed on the wall

- Adapter frame for installation in an existing InfoTerminal Touch flush-mounted box

- Gira DCS-IP-gateway for integration in the Gira door communication system.

Technical data

W 268 mm x H 220 mm x D 65 mm
Height from wall:
16 mm
Height from wall as upgrade version with adapter frame:
28 mm
System information:
INTEL Atom processor
1.1 GHz, 2 GB SSD,
internal memory 1 GB RAM,
512 KB, L2 cache
2 x USB 2.0 type A rear,
1 x USB 2.0 type A front,
1 x USB type Mini AB front,
1 x SD card slot SDHC
up to 32 GB,
1 x RJ-45 connection
10/100 MBit LAN
1 x KNX TP connection
1 x Line in,
1 x Line out (stereo),
1 x analogue video input
Screen dimensions:
W 195 × H 118 mm
Screen diagonal:
22.9 cm [9"]
Screen resolution:
WXGA (800 x 480 pixels),
16.7 million colours
1.3 megapixels
Temperature in operation:
0 °C to +35 °C
Temperature in storage:
–10 °C to +70 °C
Relative humidity:
15 to 85% at +40 °C,
no condensation
Power supply:
Integrated long-range power supply unit 110 to 230 V~
Power consumption:
Max. (100% CPU) 20 W,
Standby 1 W
Installation type:


Gira Design Team,
Interface design
schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation, Wuppertal

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