Gira blind control per KNX

Gira push button sensor 3 Comfort,
Gira Esprit, glass white/pure white

If the Gira KNX system is installed, various functions can be united in one device. Light and blind control. Or ventilation with the blind controller. Made easy with programming.

Only reprogramming is necessary for subsequent changes or additions. Without a great deal of effort. For example, this is possible with a Gira push button sensor, 2-gang which is programmed for these functions.

Push button sensors

Push button sensors can be configured with a wide range of functions for controlling, switching and dimming. For example, light scenes can be saved and called up, lights can be switched and dimmed, or blinds can be raised and lowered. If requirements change, it is simple to reprogram the assignment of the push buttons. The number of functions saved to a push button sensor depends on the number of its buttons. Each button can be inscribed to achieve clear assignment of what is controlled.

Blind control