New Gira products

Gira will again be presenting a series of innovations for intelligent building technology at Light+Building 2014 in Frankfurt. This page summarises the most important product innovations in the Gira product range which will be presented there and provides an overview of current topics and developments in various building technology fields.

Compact, powerful, universal: The new Gira G1 is the intelligent central operating unit for the operation of the entire building technology. All the functions can be conveniently operated by touching or gesturing on the brilliant multi-touch display. In connection with the DCS-IP-gateway, the Gira G1 can also be used as a home station.

The Gira G1 can be utilised as the central control unit for a KNX system, as well as for the new radio system eNet in combination with the eNet Server. The Gira G1 can be employed as a client in systems with a Gira HomeServer. It can be installed on a single flush-mounted box like a normal switch and is equally suitable for modernisation, retrofitting, and new constructions.

Gira System 106 is the new installation system made of real metal in a puristic and elegant design without a frame, based on basic measurements of 106 × 106 mm. With the new modulator door station in Gira System 106, hospitality begins even before reaching the front door. The modular design with a range of functions and material variants made of brushed stainless steel, anodised aluminium, and a white lacquered metal alloy enable the door station's design and functionality to be adapted to the architecture.

All the functions are presented in a harmonious overall appearance, from the call buttons, voice module, and camera up to the house number and information carriers. In the dark, a system light and backlit modules ensure good legibility and an attractive appearance.

Gira eNet is the new bi-directional radio system for smart networking and control of home technology. Light and blinds can be easily integrated in scenes and controlled using a wide range of operating devices – even mobile devices when using the Gira eNet Server. eNet System installation and start-up is intuitive and easy-to-understand.

Standard applications can be set using the push-button method on the devices themselves. More complex applications can be programmed quickly, easily and conveniently using a computer and the Gira eNet Assistant. The two methods can be used in parallel and are mutually fully compatible.

The unusual diversity of materials of the Gira Esprit switch range has now been expanded with the appealing combination of linoleum and multiplex. Linoleum and multiplex have quite a bit in common: They both have natural origins, feature sustainable production methods, are rugged, have a variety of uses, and have always been popular among architects and designers. Gira Esprit linoleum-multiplex is the first time that these two materials are being used together in a switch range.

Frames in the attractive colours of anthracite, light grey, dark brown, light brown, blue, and red also offer freedom for diverse combination options for interior design. Gira Esprit linoleum-multiplex is the ideal choice for interior design concepts in which a clear form and natural materials are favoured.

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Gira Esprit aluminium bright gold

The Gira Esprit switch range is characterised by its unusually wide diversity of materials. Another colour tone is being added to the series of anodised-aluminium frames. With its glossy bright gold colour, the new Gira Esprit aluminium bright gold frame variant harmonises ideally with classic-luxurious living ambiances. However, they are also appealing eye-catchers when installed simply on a white wall. The subtle visible grained structure of the aluminium frames underlines the high-quality appearance.

Gira Esprit stainless steel

For the first time, stainless steel, the absolute classic material of modern construction, is being used in the versatile Gira Esprit switch range. The quality of the material used is especially underlined in the brushed variant. Stainless steel is particularly suitable for switches because the material is rust-proof and there is hardly any wear, even when operated frequently. Although it was only developed slightly more than 100 years ago, stainless steel has prevailed in many areas. Both its functional characteristics and its clear metallic aesthetics have contributed to its broad acceptance.

Gira HomeServer 4.2 update

The Gira HomeServer controls the entire KNX installation in the home and connects the system to the local computer network and the Internet via TCP/IP. Therefore, it is possible to access intelligent home technology functions centrally regardless of your location using various operating devices. Numerous other technologies can also be integrated into the home control. The software update 4.2 adds several new functions, also for mobile operation via the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer app.

Gira symbol system

Visual symbols help people find their way in the world. What a symbol stands for and what function is triggered is immediately clear to everyone using the new Gira symbol system. The symbols are based on a uniform design concept and consistent logic. Some symbols are derived from specific objects and are understood intuitively, while others are abstract and based on shapes which are established as standards both in Germany and internationally and thus learnt. Because it is so easy to understand, the Gira symbol system is also suitable for barrier-free design concepts. In future the Gira symbol system will be used throughout the entire Gira range, including in digital interfaces and on products.

Gira KNX energy meter Comfort

The new Gira KNX energy meter Comfort is used to collect electrical measured values. It forms the central component for comprehensive energy management in residential, commercial, and industrial properties as a central, higher-level measuring point, e.g. for the entire household or as an intermediate or sub-meter. In connection with the Gira HomeServer, it is possible to display, save, evaluate, or process the data which were recorded. In this way, energy consumption can be optimised, which contributes to cost reduction and resource conservation. The Gira KNX energy meter Comfort is only 90 mm (5 HP) thick and convincing with its excellent flexibility and precision.

Gira KNX presence detector Mini

With their subtle, flat design, the new Gira KNX presence detector Standard Mini and Comfort Mini are an ideal choice for properties with demanding architectural requirements. They register even the slightest motion in the room and enable automatic control of various functions in the KNX system, depending on presence. Compared to the Standard variant, the Comfort variant offers numerous additional functions. In addition to the control option using an infrared remote control, the Gira KNX presence detector Comfort Mini includes many other software features for intelligent light control.

Gira KNX brightness controller Mini

With its subtle and flat design, the new Gira KNX brightness controller Mini harmonises well in properties with high architectural demands. It controls the lights to ensure that the desired room brightness is constantly maintained. Fluctuations of natural daylight are continuously compensated with artificial light. In case of sufficient daylight or a lack of movement, the lighting is turned down and finally switched off.

Gira logic module

Switching on lights in a time-delayed sequence, calling up certain light scenes directly using a push button sensor, controlling heating based on temperatures: With the Gira logic module, single-family houses and properties of a similar size with a KNX system can be easily equipped with a series of automatised comfort functions. The Gira Project Assistant can be intuitively operated per drag&drop. It allows projects to be parameterised conveniently in just a few steps and easily modified at any time. A convenient logic editor guides the programmer to the desired effect. Thanks to the simulation, errors can be nearly ruled out, which shortens the start-up time.

Gira smoke alarm device Basic Q

The Gira smoke alarm device Basic Q can save lives. It immediately detects dangerous accumulations of smoke and sounds the alarm both acoustically and visually. The service life of smoke alarm devices including the batteries is guaranteed to be at least 10 years. The attractive price-performance ratio makes it easy to take precautions against damage caused by fire in every room.

Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q

The new Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q is equipped with two identification processes, which achieves twice the level of safety. It optically identifies small smoke particles before the situation gets too precarious and dangerous for people. In addition, thermal sensors measure temperature changes within the room. In this way, various types of fire can be detected more rapidly and securely identified. The service life of smoke alarm devices including the batteries is guaranteed to be at least 10 years.

Gira Sensotec

More security and orientation automatically in the dark: The Gira Sensotec switches lighting on as soon as motion is detected. The sensor technology enables precise detection even at high temperatures. The Gira Sensotec can also be used as a contactless switch: The user can switch on the lighting without contact with a motion in 5 cm proximity. The light strength can be adjusted in the automatic mode to prevent a glare.

Gira Sensotec LED

It is possible to find the way in the dark thanks to the orientation light and switch on the room light with a motion if necessary. The Gira Sensotec LED unites these functions for the first time in one device. The Gira Sensotec LED is a contactless switch with integrated LED orientation light. When motion is detected, it switches the orientation light on. If more light is desired, the user can switch on the lighting without contact with a motion in 5 cm proximity. If desired, the Gira Sensotec LED can also switch on the room light directly. The light strength can be adjusted in the automatic mode to prevent a glare. The combination of these two functions within a flush-mounted box spares installation space and lowers installation and device costs.

Gira surface-mounted home station video

The new Gira surface-mounted home station video has a homogeneous front and features a state-of-the-art 5.6 cm [2.2"] TFT colour display. Thanks to its capacitive sensor technology, it can be conveniently operated by lightly touching the buttons. To ensure greater operational safety, internal calls and switching actions can be provided with individual names. The hands-free speech function reacts sensitively enough that the speaker does not have to stand directly at the microphone in order to be understood. In addition to the features of the Gira surface-mounted home station video, the surface-mounted home station video Plus has additional functions for even more convenient use. It is possible to check the local image memory to see who rang the doorbell during a period of absence. Customised polyphone ringing tones can also be saved on the integrated microSD memory card.

Gira push-button bus coupler

Because of its improved mechanical systems, the new generation of Gira push-button bus coupler offers an optimised switch feedback and can be integrated in the System 55, S-Color, E22, and now also in the F100 and TX_44 ranges. In addition, variants are available for water-protected surface-mounted and flush-mounted installation in accordance with IP 44. All flush-mounted variants feature a status LED.

argos AKTIV dementia alarm system

In combination with the Gira nurse call system Plus, the argos AKTIV dementia alarm system is an important aid in maintaining the mobility of people with orientation issues or dementia. Areas in the living environment can be defined as "allowed" or "forbidden". When these areas are entered or left, differentiated alarm messages are transmitted to the Gira nurse call system Plus and displayed on the room terminal. For example, the current position of the person's location is shown on a map on a smartphone. Priorities (e.g. treating a patient further) can be determined, and suitable activities (e.g. alerting the police) can be initiated. The permitted area can encompass the garden or park to expand the mobility radius of the persons to be supervised.

Bewatec/Gira multimedia application

The Bewatec/Gira multimedia application connects the world of intelligent building technology from Gira with the world of hospital entertainment. It gives patients the option of controlling light, heating, blinds, and other functions from their beds. A special Gira app on the multimedia terminal from Bewatec is used for operation.

Gira docking station

The Gira docking station allows external music sources to be connected to the Gira RDS radio or a stereo system. It's special because music is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth so that mobile end devices needn't be inserted directly. In addition, three exchangeable top units enable a wide variety of smartphones and MP3 players to be charged.