New Gira products

This page summarises the most important innovations in the Gira product range and provides an overview of current topics and developments in various building technology fields.

Gira E2 stainless steel and flat installation

The clear, understated design of the Gira E2 switch range shines in new splendour on the wall. New stainless steel frames and inserts now supplement the System 55 range with a popular classic material used in interior design. In addition to conventional flush-mounted installation, Gira E2 now also offers the option of installing all ­variants of the switch range, protruding 3 mm from the wall.

Gira G1

Compact, powerful, universal: The Gira G1 is the intelligent control device for building technology. Whether switching and dimming lights, raising or lowering blinds or controlling room temperature: the individual functions can be conveniently controlled on the brilliant 480 x 800 pixel multi-touch display with just a touch or a gesture, such as resting your hand on the display or swiping. The outstanding and intuitive Gira Interface also makes the configuration of time-controlled functions or the adaptation of scenes child’s play. In conjunction with the Gira DCS IP gateway, the Gira G1 can also be used as a video home station.

Gira E3

The Gira E3 switch range comes with a new design language and its own colour palette, radiating harmony and relaxation. An exclusive collection of warm greywww.ncscolour.comand brown tones has been developed with the aid of the NCS colour system. Gentle contours and the soft-touch surfaces of the cover frames give modern building technology an attractive, contemporary look. A wide variety of individual design variations can be created by combining the support frame and white or anthracite-coloured inserts with the various cover plates.

Gira X1

Seeing who’s at home, switching lights on and off, and adjusting your ideal temperature settings – whether you’re at home or on the move. The new Gira X1 enables the visualisation and automation of a single-family home. Its compact design and top hat rail mounting translate into a swift and space-saving installation process. Simple and swift configuration with drag & drop supports a speedy start-up process. The logic simulation integrated in the Gira Project Assistant provides support when checking the individually created automation solution. This forms the basis of cost-effective project implementation.

Gira Report Light+Building 2016

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Gira Project Assistant (GPA)

The Gira Project Assistant features a clear design, enables intuitive operation using drag & drop, and guides users through successful parametrisation in four steps, both online and offline.

Gira L1 - the Logic Module in a new design

Switching lights on in a time-delayed sequence, calling up specific light scenes directly using a touch sensor, controlling the room temperature or creating other logical functions: with the Gira Logic Module L1, single-family homes and properties of similar sizes featuring a KNX system can be equipped with a series of automated convenience functions without a great deal of effort or expense.

Gira KNX dimming actuators

The brightness of lights can be conveniently controlled with the Gira KNX DRA dimming actuators – for individual lighting moods and reduced energy consumption, as part of an automated process via KNX. Version I04 of the KNX DRA dimming actuators can still be put to universal use, as in addition to dimmable high-voltage LEDs, low-voltage LEDs (with ballasts) are now generally supported too. The automatic load calibration option for all LED loads simplifies the start-up process.

Gira KNX IP router

The Gira KNX IP router interconnects KNX lines via data networks. It uses the KNXnet/IP standard and, in the current software version 4, also the secure communication standard KNXnet/IP Secure for this purpose. KNX telegrams are now also transmitted in encrypted form between the devices via an IP network. KNXnet/IP Secure allows for authentication and encryption of telegrams sent out by KNX devices in IP networks. This ensures that KNX tunnelling or routing telegrams cannot be read or manipulated on IP. The KNXnet/IP Secure mechanisms act as an additional safety device that protects all KNXnet/IP data traffic: on a shared technical backbone of a building, for example.

Gira KNX binary inputs, 6-gang and 8-gang

Different kinds of contacts can be connected to the Gira KNX binary inputs in the DRA housing: e.g. switches, buttons, magnet contacts or meters’ pulse outputs. Their switching operations are converted into KNX telegrams. The inputs can be assigned various functions or blocked independently of one another during this process. Status LEDs for each channel provide information about the respective switching state.

Gira KNX servo 3

The Gira KNX servo 3, which is powered by an electric motor, is used to control room temperatures for heating systems. It is suitable for use on heaters, radiators and convectors, in heating circuit distributors, for example, and for underfloor heating and other systems too. The servo is installed directly on a valve connection (M30 x 1.5). The special features of the Gira KNX servo 3 include an integrated room temperature sensor, intelligent time-dependent valve flushing and other convenient software functions.

Gira Control 19 Client 2

The Gira Control 19 Client 2 – a touch screen PC for controlling the KNX installation via the Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer – has been given a complete hardware overhaul. Thanks to technical progress in the field of computers, components that perform their tasks reliably and energy-efficiently are now available for the display, motherboard, and even the power supply unit. The maximum energy requirement was reduced from 39 W to 24 W, and even from 5 W to just 1.1 W in standby mode. Less power loss also means less waste heat and thus a higher and longer service life.

Gira eNet

Gira eNet is the new bidirectional wireless system for smart networking and control of building technology. Light and blinds can be easily integrated into scenes and controlled using an extremely wide range of control devices – even while you’re on the move using the Gira eNet server. The eNet system installation and start-up process is intuitive and easy to understand. Standard applications can be set using the push-button method on the devices themselves. More complex applications can be programmed quickly, easily and conveniently using a computer and the Gira eNet Assistant. Both methods can be used in parallel and are mutually fully compatible.


With Gira KNX RF, the operating comfort of the building technology can be easily increased at any time in buildings with an existing KNX system. 'KNX RF' stands for 'KNX Radio Frequency', i.e. KNX via wireless signal. With little time or effort and above all without noise and dust, new options for controlling light, blinds, atmosphere, etc. can be now be installed in the home by wireless command.

ZigBee® Light Link

Smart lighting systems based on ZigBee® Light Link such as Philips Hue or Osram Lightify are popular with end consumers, especially for retrofitting. The Gira operating elements for ZigBee® Light Link seamlessly integrate both the function and the design of such systems into the Gira switch ranges.

Gira System 106

The Gira System 106 is a modular door communication system with metal front plates in an elegant, minimalist design. It is based on basic measurements of 106.5 x 106.5 mm. With a Gira System 106 door intercom, visitors are made welcome even before they step through the door. From the call-button module, intercom module and camera module, to the info module, all functions are consistently and clearly designed.

Gira Door Communication Configurator

The Gira door communication system supports systems of different types and sizes: from single and multi-family homes to entire apartment blocks. From simple audio systems and video systems to integration in a computer network. The Gira Door Communication Configurator is a user-friendly online tool, which makes individually configuring systems like this a pleasure – for proprietors and managers, but also for tradespeople and other professionals.

Gira Design Configurator with augmented reality

With the Gira Design Configurator, users can combine the diverse frame variants of the Gira switch ranges with selected functions in various colours and materials from the Gira product range as desired. The new, fascinating 'Live View' mode uses a smartphone’s or a tablet’s camera to show what selected design variants look like in your real-life environment.

Gira residual current protection

Residual currents are a serious, invisible danger, which can be lethal for humans and animals alike. They are a result of damaged cables, defective electrical appliances or humidity. Residual current protection integrated in the installation is compulsory in new builds. In older buildings, on the other hand, residual current protection is often missing. The Gira RCD-protected socket outlet and the Gira RCCB are a simple and safe retrofittable solution. They can be combined with all corresponding cover frames from the Gira switch ranges as functional inserts in the Gira System 55.

Gira DALI control devices

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a common standard for lighting control, particularly in properties such as offices, shops, restaurants or hotels. In addition to brightness control, control of the colour temperature is also becoming increasingly important. To ensure the convenient and intuitive dimming and control of lights with a DALI interface, Gira offers corresponding DALI potentiometers in various models. With installation in the device box and the suitable cover plates and frames, the Gira DALI control devices are seamlessly integrated into the Gira design system.

Gira presence and motion detector 360° Kompakt

The Gira presence and motion detector 360° Kompakt offers a number of functions for automating lighting. While reliable motion detection takes priority, the presence and motion detector can also be used as a pure twilight switch.

Revox operating unit Voxnet 218

Simply enter a room and listen to your favourite music at the touch of a button: The Voxnet 218 wall-mounted operating unit for Revox Voxnet makes this possible – in harmony with the design of the Gira switch ranges. The Voxnet multi-user audio system's easy and intuitive single-button operation via the wall-mounted control units makes it unique on the market. Every button in the Revox system can be assigned to any function.

Gira AppShop

For several years now, the Gira AppShop has been firmly established as a marketplace and platform for interesting solutions relating to the Gira HomeServer. More than 200 apps are available today, including plug-ins, function templates, logic modes and sample projects. Up until now, access was primarily reserved for System Integrators. The Gira AppShop is now open to all professional electrical companies in an effort to develop an even broader user base and to open up new areas of application for the Gira HomeServer. This will ensure that the Gira AppShop, which is one-of-a-kind in the industry, will continue to play a role as a competence, service and marketing platform for intelligent building technology applications in the future.

Gira Inscription Service

Clearly and neatly inscribed buttons, rockers, doorbell signs, Revox operating units or LED orientation lights are the perfect finishing touch for an individual electrical installation. Using the Gira Inscription Service online, customers can have the inscription holders for clear rockers and even painted rockers on a metal base inscribed as desired. The latter option is even available with a special, very high-quality laser inscription method.