Gira series dimmer

The Gira series dimmer is a touch dimmer allowing control of two lights or light groups independently of each other. When normally two individual dimmers are required each in their own flush-mounted box, the Gira series dimmer offers the twofold function from
one flush-mounted box.

Ideal for retrofitting: an existing series switch can simply be replaced with the Gira series dimmer. The Gira series dimmer is available for all Gira switch ranges.

Special features, details

Two universal dimming channels are intended for switching and dimming various light sources such as light bulbs, HV halogen, LV halogen with Gira Tronic transformers or LV halogen with conventional transformers. Both channels control completely different load types independently of one another. Each channel can separately store a memory value as an individual activation value.


Operation of the Gira series dimmer is via a light pressing at the corner points of the button. Channel 1 is controlled on the left, channel 2 on the right. The top is for switching on and dimming brighter, while the bottom is for switching off and dimming darker.

With pressing and holding (approx. 4 seconds) the button half way up, the currently set brightness is saved as a memory value, either on the left half for channel 1 or on the right half for channel 2.

Both dimming circuits can be synchronously dimmed / brightened with operation on the central axis marked with a line, depending upon whether the upper or lower area is pressed. With the button is operated over its complete surface (approx. 4 seconds), the memory value for both channels is saved.

Via a connected auxiliary unit both outputs are always synchronously operated and both memory values stored.

Technical data

Rated voltage
AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Connected load per channel
50 to 220 W/VA
Load types
230 V light bulbs
(ohmic load, trailing edge), 230 V halogen lamps
(ohmic load, trailing edge), Tronic transformers
(capacitive load, trailing edge), conventional transformers
(inductive load, leading edge)
Minimum load
50 W/VA per channel
Number of power boosts
Universal power boosts for trailing edge: 10 at 500 W
Leading edge
Auxiliary units
System 2000
auxiliary unit 0333 00
Number of auxiliary units
Cable length of auxiliary input
max. 100 m
Ambient temperature
-20 °C to +45 °C

Additional functions

  • Lamp-protecting soft start
  • Electronic short-circuit protection
  • Automatic excess-temperature protection with restarting
  • Asymmetric load distribution is possible, even in addition to single channel load
  • Auxiliary unit operation via System 2000 auxiliary units

Manual light control