Switching out switches: design to match your style.

Switching out switches: design to match your style.

Thanks to the modular Gira System 55, you can easily mix and match different switch designs. Find out more below.

Gira E2 und System 55 in Grau matt

Every once in a while, it’s time to give our interior a fresh look. Maybe you’ve recently renovated your kitchen or bought new furniture for the living room? Whatever the occasion, a change of style can include your switches as well. The Gira product range offers a large variety of designs. Different colours & materials can be mixed and matched to fit your current lifestyle. Here’s how it works – step by step.

Smart or classic switches?

If you’d like to give your existing installation an upgrade, you should first consider which kind of switches meet your personal needs. Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic light switch – a design line such as Gira E2 will complement any interior style. For those who want even more home comfort, there is a wide range of smart switches to choose from. The Gira pushbutton sensor 3, for example, allows you to control multiple functions beyond turning lights on and off: adjusting your blinds, controlling indoor temperatures, and even activating entire scenes complete with your favourite music.

Change your light switches – and choose from over 300 functions with the Gira System 55.

Changing your light switches – made easy

When it comes to home comfort, aesthetics is just as important as functionality. If you paint your walls in a new colour, for example, you want to ensure that it harmonises with your switches and socket outlets. Thanks to the modular concept of Gira System 55, you can easily exchange sockets and frames anytime: all components of the Gira design lines have standard measurements of 55 x 55 mm. This allows you to create over 300 different combinations, based on the Mix and Match principle.

Schaltereinsatz mit Gira E2 Rahmen in weiß
Change your light switches – and choose from over 300 functions with the Gira System 55.

Explore your options with augmented reality.

Still wondering what kind of switches will complement your interior best? With the Gira design configurator, you can find out quickly: the tool uses AR technology to show how a selected frame looks on your wall. All you need is your smartphone and a printed copy of the tracking image. Then you can create a preview in three simple steps:.

  • Place the tracking image in the desired position on the wall.

  • Scan the tracking image in live view mode.

  • Your selected design line will appear on the wall.

Gira design configurator

Gira design configurator - for sockets and outlets

View your Gira design and colour directly on your wall with live AR.

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