A smart ecohome in Bauhaus style

A smart ecohome in Bauhaus style

Setting the benchmark in energy efficiency: Future-proof technology integrated into a timeless Bauhaus property.

  • A minimalist family home in the Bauhaus style
  • All of the KNX components are connected via the Gira HomeServer.
  • Automatic functions and flexible app-based control ensure energy-efficient and cost-effective operation.
  • Using Gira pushbutton sensors, the residents can define custom functions and scenes.

In one residential area of Nuremberg, Bauhaus-style properties line an entire street. But one smart, geometric ecohome stands out from the crowd. What makes this two-storey building so interesting from an architectural perspective is its unusual construction. Due to its overhang and the large windows on the ground floor, the upper cube almost appears to float. The white plastered façade and large windows on the top floor add to the aesthetic of the building.

Because the upper part of the building projects out over the left and right of the garage, the top floor appears to be floating above the ground.

Floor-to-ceiling minimalism: Clear accents and smart highlights create a harmonious ambience.

Inside, too, light colours dominate the minimalist, largely monochrome design concept, with dark components used to create exciting accents. On the walls of all the rooms, the Gira pushbutton sensors – practical operating elements used to control various functions – blend subtly into the timeless aesthetic. In keeping with the Bauhaus style, the owners opted for the Gira E2 design line in pure white and Gira Esprit white glass, whose clear design language and unobtrusive look are the perfect complement to the minimalist design.

When your smart home thinks for you – a clever solution for sustainable energy efficiency and all-round comfort and convenience.

As well as insisting on Bauhaus architecture, the owners were also keen to build a future-proof smart home that would meet their exacting standards for efficiency, security and comfort. The KNX system from Gira proved to be a long-term and professional solution. All data and commands from the building technology converge on the Gira HomeServer. The powerful on-board computer enables the system to be controlled centrally via flexible end devices. Via an app on their smartphone or tablet, the residents can adjust their heating remotely, raise or lower the blinds and switch on the lights in the house to simulate their presence.

Using the intuitive Gira interface, the lights in the property can be switched on and dimmed individually.

Other functions run automatically in the background: The blinds, for example, close by themselves if the weather station detects a storm, hail or strong sun. The owner can also call up scenarios for lighting, music, privacy and room temperature at the touch of a button using the Gira pushbutton sensors. Residents can also switch off all of the energy sources in the home with a single press of a button when they are leaving the house.

Particularly practical: The system integration electrician can reprogram the intelligent Gira technology at any time to adjust it to the needs of the users. And because the control cables for the bus system were installed during construction, no complex building work is required to add to the system. The KNX installation combines all the benefits of cutting-edge building technology with new levels of flexibility – both now and in the future.

Photos: Ulrich Beuttenmüller for Gira

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