Traditional and casual: Country style

Traditional and casual: Country style

Gentle colour gradients, coarse surfaces and patina: These are just some of the attributes that characterise the modern country style.

Vast fields, green meadows, a shady spot under an apple tree: in turbulent times, many people look to slow the pace of life and seek out authenticity. But very few are lucky enough to have their own home in the country. And you don't need to: this style allows you to add some countryside charm to your home without relocating.

Characteristic country style: antiques and traditional handicrafts.

Alongside natural materials such as wood, rattan, stone, ceramic and enamel, this classic interior style is characterised by antiques and brightly coloured flea market finds. The signs of use on the furniture are what makes the country style so charming. Whether faded colours, marked leather or scratches on work surfaces or tabletops: if it tells a story, it fits this style. But country style is not just authentic and raw; it's also homely and playful.

From clean, pure white to neutral grey tones to warm beige and brown, right to pastel blue grey and grey green: The Gira E3 design line appeals to all the senses with its diversity and matte silk, soft-touch surface.

Floral patterns, coloured accents and delicate ornaments.

Floral decor and glazing on delicate porcelain, coloured flower arrangements, ornaments and traditional patterns such as checks, dots or stripes. These all add a sense of lightness to the look. Subtle natural colours and pastel shades are the perfect complement to these elements. Other classic country style colours include wool white, light yellow and reserved dark blue. Metallic tones also work well: accessories such as candle holders or vases made from brass or copper add a touch of nostalgia to the interior. And there's one thing that any country interior cannot be without: a generously sized, comfortable sofa with lots of cushions, complete with matching armchairs, to create the perfect setting for a cosy evening in.

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