Electrical trade

Information material

Gira Catalogue 2017 (EN_int) (PDF) Gira Catalogue 2017 (EN_uk) (PDF)

Product information

Gira X1 (incl. L1 and GPA) (PDF) Gira logic module (EN) (PDF)
Gira RDS flush-mounted radio (EN) (PDF) Gira Sensotec (EN) (PDF)
Gira LED illuminatio (EN) (PDF) Gira docking station (EN) (PDF)
Gira smoke alarm devices Basic Q and Dual Q (EN) (PDF)


Gira ClassiX (EN) (PDF) Gira references international 2016 (EN) (PDF)
Gira door communication system (EN) (PDF) Gira KNX DALI gateway Plus (EN)
Gira G1 (EN) Points of contact booklet
Gira System 55 (EN_uk) Gira nurse call system Plus (EN)
Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood (EN) (PDF) Gira campaign 2015 Supplement (EN) (PDF)
Gira references international 2015 (EN) (PDF) Fibula Gira nurse call system plus (EN)
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Electrical trade


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