Gira socket outlets for indoors

Gira indoor socket outlets not only provide a power supply – they can also complement your interior style.

The Gira product range offers a large variety of indoor socket outlets, including various designs and functions. Depending on your needs, the socket outlets can be freely adapted and combined. From increased contact protection to hinged covers – Gira has the right solution for your home.

Product features

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

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Stay flexible at home: power supply with USB A & C.

The multitude of available USB connection types can become annoying, particularly when you are using different devices. To make everyday life easier, the Gira USB power supply unit allows you to connect alternative charging cables to its USB-A and USB-C slot. The Gira USB socket outlet even has a regular receptacle in addition to these two USB ports. Thus, your smartphone, tablet, or computer will be charged whenever you need it.

Safety Plus: increased contact protection with Shutter.

Gira socket outlets marked by the label "Safety Plus" have an integrated protection device called "Shutter." This device shuts the outlet’s power connection until a plug is inserted. Thus, Gira socket outlets labeled "Saftey Plus" provide increased protection against accidental contact.