Gira Hygrostat

Gira Hygrostat

Automatic climate regulation for a breath of fresh air.

On average, we spend 90 % of our time in closed rooms. It is therefore crucial to maintain a healthy indoor climate at all times. Due to excessive humidity, mould has become increasingly common within living spaces. This is mainly the result of improved insulation and well-sealed windows combined with insufficient ventilation. The Gira Hygrostat measures the humidity level, controls the ventilation and thus ensures a fresh, pleasant climate at your home. In doing so, it also helps to maintain the property value.

Colour variants

Cream white glossy
Pure white glossy
Colour aluminium
Pure white matt

Product features

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

Other temperature control products

Gira room temperature controller

Imagine living in a place where the weather doesn’t matter. A place where you can be warm and cosy or cool and fresh, where the climate and ventilation is so perfectly controlled that you don’t even notice the temperature or the systems that control it – but you know that you’re happy to be there. The integrated heating and cooling programs in the Gira room temperature controller not only ensure that your home is kept at exactly the right temperature – they are also the smartest way to control individual rooms in line with your needs while keeping costs down and reducing your consumption of valuable natural resources while you’re away or not using a particular space.


Whether you live in an property or a new-build, whether you are a home-owner or a tenant: the eNet wireless system enables you to control a Smart Home of up to 120 square metres conveniently and intuitively. From home or on the road. Today and tomorrow. Gira eNet SMART HOME also ensures data-secure access – tested and approved by the Association for Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology.

Gira G1

Random switching operations for lights and blinds create the impression that someone is at home. And if you integrate the room temperature controller into the control unit, you can easily set your individual room temperature.

Gira pushbutton sensor 3

Controlling lighting and blinds, regulating the room temperature, or setting mood scenes including lights, blinds, and music – the Gira pushbutton sensor 3 enables you to control a multitude of functions with just one button.

Gira X1

The Gira X1 was developed specifically for Smart Homes with a KNX network. It enables you to connect a variety of devices and monitor automated processes via app. Minimum effort for maximum comfort.

Gira HomeServer

Customise each moment: with the Gira HomeServer, you can easily put complex scenarios into practice. Even garden irrigation and smart speakers can be integrated into the system. All data transmission is, of course, encrypted.