Gira smoke detectors: reliable guardians for your home

Gira smoke detectors: reliable guardians for your home

Better safe than sorry – especially when it comes to fire hazards. In these cases, financial damage can be astronomical – not to mention the risk of physical harm. To prevent both, Gira smoke detectors will keep a watchful eye on your property.

We’ve all been there: you wake up one morning, hungry. You go to the kitchen and throw some bread into the toaster, before nipping off to the bathroom.  

You aren’t even gone very long. As soon as you return to the kitchen, the burnt smell and thick, black smoke grabs your attention immediately. If you weren’t awake before, you certainly are now.

Naturally, you rush to unplug the device, and make sure there’s no fire. You open the windows, checking for damage and then breathe a sigh of relief. The toast was only smouldering…  

But think about it: what if you had spent another minute longer in the bathroom? You’ve let your attention slip just for a second and almost allowed a disaster to occur.

What if you had not been alerted to burning smoke? This naturally worries you – and you’re aware that a smoke detector would’ve alerted you even to burning toast much faster.

Three minutes to get away from a fire is… not a lot of time. Most fires in the home can be easily prevented, though. All it takes is a guardian to watch out for you and your loved ones. And that’s what Gira Basic Q and Dual Q smoke detectors do: act as attentive guardians, catching fires before they break out.

Prevention - with the Gira smoke detectors.

Monitoring risk: out of sight, never out of mind.

After the toast incident, you’re aware of the factors that could put your home and family at risk. Especially around dinner time. Yet, while cooking is one of the “riskier” scenarios, consider something as simple as ironing your clothes.

Gira smoke detectors – always looking out for you.

Kitchens tend to be busy places in general. Many people like to do the ironing there, and you’re probably no exception. You’ve probably also got the kids running around, and now also the doorbell has gone off.

You decide to put the iron down for a minute and rush over. It’s your friend, who has come over to tell you some exciting news… 

Suddenly, you’re alerted to a loud noise - your Gira Dual Q has just picked up something. As it is connected to the rest of your smart home, the sound rings from other rooms in your home as well. You rush back into the kitchen and realize you’ve left the iron surface-down on a garment. You’ve ruined the shirt, and there’s a tiny bit of smoke emitting. But after you remove the iron, you can breathe a sigh of relief: thanks to the quick warning of the Gira smoke detector nothing else was damaged or caught fire.

It's almost like having the fire department on your doorstep. The Gira smoke detectors.

Preventing fires the smart way, in due time.

Gira smoke detectors come in two forms: the Gira Basic Q and the Gira Dual Q. Fundamentally, they both act as ever-vigilant guardians to warn of fire risk, the moment they happen.

Gira Basic Q’s method of smoke detection and measurement is through photoelectric light-scattering. This allows for immediate detection of smoke, giving you those few precious, extra seconds. In addition, the alarm sounds at 85dB so you are able to take immediate action. And of course, there’s no need to sacrifice function over form. Glossy-white, unobtrusive and elegant, the Gira Basic Q beautifully fits in every room.

With the Gira Dual Q, you have double security. The smoke detector can be hooked up to your entire smart network, ensuring constant vigilance and instant alerts wherever you are. Resistant to sudden electrical surges, Dual Q even takes note of temperature changes in the room as well as developing smoke particles. This model is slick and beautiful, a refreshing change from the standard smoke alarm eyesores you may normally see.