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IFTTT in Your Smart Home – automate everything

IFTTT in Your Smart Home – automate everything

If-then functions open a whole world of new options for running your home automatically. Using the IFTTT principle, you can even link appliances and products from other manufacturers together.

IFTTT mit Gira

Linking Gira products with IFTTT.

Linking Gira products with IFTTT isn’t as hard as you’d think. If the heart of your KNX smart home is the Gira S1 server (which doesn’t take long to install), you can actually start definng IFTTT functions straight away. First, you have to download the IFTTT on your smartphone/tablet/browser. Then, you can combine any two commands. For example: maybe you prefer a quieter house in the evening before you go to bed. You can command it to switch off the TV, and while that happens turn down the lights – all from your phone. No TV remote needed. Gira S1 ensures a secure connection to the Internet and also makes installing IFTTT quite simple.

You can find detailled installation instructions here. Please note that you need the Gira S1 remote access module for IFTTT.

Gira X1 Server für Einfamilienhäuser
Using the Gira X1 Server, quickly link your IFTTT-compatible products with one another.

Smart application examples for your home.

Imagine waking slowly and peacefully to soft room lighting, simply because you set up the corresponding if-then function. Perhaps you’ve even linked the Gira dimmer switch in your bedroom with the smart sleeping mat from Withings in your bed – all via wifi. The sleeping mats tracks your sleep patterns and communicates with Gira products thanks to IoT (Internet of Things). Should the Withings smart sleeping mat notice that you get out of bed in the morning, it’’ll send a signal to the Gira dimmer. Your bedroom lighting then turns on, low. It means you can start your day without being suddenly blinded.

Gira Dimmer und Tastdimmer schwarz, vor Bett mit indirekter Beleuchtung
Thanks to IFTTT you can link your Gira dimmer with the smart sleeping mat from Withings.

Everything off, with a keystroke.

Heading off the work in the morning? You can switch everything off with the touch of a button – just one button! Using the Gira push button sensor you can control your heating, lighting and music systems. To avoid having to turn each application off individually before you leave for the day, you should simply assign a button on your KNX push button sensor assigned a central “off” function. This can be done by a specialist partner. A simple keystroke powers off the music, heating and lights. IFTTT also lets you integrate devices from other manufacturers, without the help of a specialist. It means your suction robot can start cleaning while you’re not there. The automatic coffee machine goes into standby mode when you leave.

Gira Tastsensor 4
The Gira push button sensor allows you to simply choose the “all off” function.

When you return from work that evening, your smart home welcomes you with the lights of your choice: bright, dim, however you like. All you need to do is link your smart door lock (for example, one from Nuki), with the smart lighting control from Gira. Your desired lighting scenario will then greet you right in your hallway.

These examples are just a taste of what the IFTTT function can do. Thanks to unlimited connection options between both Gira products with an IFTTT connection and those from other manufacturers, there is so much more you can add to your Gira Smart Home.