A guide to modern living: top 5 Smart Home features explained

A guide to modern living: top 5 Smart Home features explained

Are you thinking about installing new technology at your house or apartment? Then you have probably asked yourself, “What kind of intelligent devices do I need? And which ones are worth investing in?” To help you find answers, we have compiled an overview on 5 Smart Home features that will improve your daily life in various ways.

  • Smart Home feature 1: monitor your household from the sofa 

  • Smart Home feature 2: let A. I. deal with tedious chores  

  • Smart Home feature 3: increase your energy efficiency 

  • Smart Home feature 4: safeguard your house with clever devices 

  • Smart Home feature 5: enjoy high-quality entertainment  

Smart Home feature 1: monitor your household from the sofa.

Imagine you’re stretched out on your couch, relaxing and listening to your favourite playlist. After a while, you start to feel a bit chilly. But getting up and leaving your happy place to turn up the heating? Not an option. Luckily, you don’t need to: instead, simply adjust the temperature with a single fingertip on your smartphone. It will only take a few minutes until your room has become warm and cosy again. 

Sounds too good to be true? Not with Smart Home technology: features such as heating control can easily be accessed with various devices. Via app, you can check or change the settings at your house from anywhere. Whenever you’re home, you may also use a central control unit: Gira G1 allows you to configure different smart functions and program complex scenarios. Combined with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, regulating your system works even more intuitively: all you have to do is utter a brief command out loud.  

“Alexa, turn up the heating”: smart voice control takes home comfort to the next level.

Smart Home feature 2: let A. I. deal with tedious chores.

To facilitate daily routines, Smart Homes offer many options – from intelligent vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers to windows opening by themselves. If you’re looking for new appliances anyways, you should always check if there are smart versions available. How about a cleaning robot, for example? After you have left the house in the morning, it will take care of your floors and carpets. Once you come home, all the annoying chores are already done – so you can just lean back and enjoy the evening.   

IFTTT (“If this, then that”) technology makes it possible to combine different Smart Home devices and functions. Maybe you would like to have the lights turned on automatically when your robotic vacuum cleaner enters a room? After all, even robots have a hard time moving around in darkness. Once the work is finished, your lighting will turn off again. You won’t have to take care of anything – the Gira X1 mini server and the Gira HomeServer will do that for you. 

Additional devices(such as cleaning robots) can be integrated into your existing system.

Smart Home feature 3: increase your energy efficiency.

Smart living not only means more convenience, but also wasting less energy: automated lighting control adjusts the brightness according to the time of day. Room temperature controllers, on the other hand, will ensure that the heating runs only when necessary. That way, you can save money in the long run and protect the environment at the same time. To give you a rough idea: Smart Homes spend between 20 and 40 percent less energy than conventional homes, without compromising on comfort. Quite the contrary: you could even program your washing machine to run only when the photovoltaic plant on your roof is generating “green” power free of charge. 

Gira System 3000 allows you to set personalised time schedules for automatic lighting.

Smart Home feature 4: safeguard your house with clever devices.

Security should be a top priority in any home. Smart systems make it easy to protect both your property and the ones living on it. Want to see who’s at your door before you open it? With Gira System 106, you can even look at video footage from your entrance while on holiday. Hearing strange noises at night? A single switch next to your bedstand is enough to turn on all the lights in your house. Smart Home features can also prevent outbreaks of fire: Gira smoke detectors will identify any possible hazards in due time.   

B2C Website Edelstahl Gira System 106 Türsprechanlage
The modular Gira System 106 includes a doorbell, camera, name plate, and house number at the entrance.

Smart Home feature 5: enjoy high-quality entertainment.

Listening to your favourite playlists and podcasts, or watching blockbuster films on the big screen – smart technology turns your house into a versatile playground. And you can set the scene straight from the sofa: with a single fingertip in the Gira Smart Home app, all the features you need will be activated. As lights are dimmed and your TV and sound system turns on, just grab some popcorn and get comfortable. In fact, you don’t even have to pick up your phone to control your system. Linked to Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, different devices will also react to voice commands. This works with Gira G1 and the Gira HomeServer as well as the wireless solution Gira eNet SMART HOME

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Now it’s your turn: the first steps towards connected living.

  • Already got some ideas for a Smart Home setup? Then you should think about which functions will prove most useful in your everyday life. To get started, take a look at our beginners‘ guide for the planning phase.  

  • Of course, money plays an essential role in the decision-making process: consider carefully how much money you want to invest, and what’s possible within your budget. But don’t let the numbers take away all the fun! First and foremost, Smart Home features aret designed to make your life less stressful and more comfortable in every respect.