Weißer Kubus mit bodentiefen Fenstern im grünen Garten

The Bauhaus-style Atrium House

The Gira KNX system for lovers of light: Smart home technologies for automatic illumination control.

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Atrium House in a suburb of Hamburg, people passing by can see into the kitchen and wellness area, their gaze drawn in by the ambient lighting in and around the property. The cube-shaped building is open-plan and constructed in the Bauhaus style, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. As is typical of Bauhaus style, the building is functional and minimalist in design. The clients' dream of a bright home flooded with light was realised through the integration of floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as the white plastered façade, which creates an interesting contrast with the black window frames. The look is broken up by the various window panes; often, the glazed panels that are so typical of atrium houses reach all the way up to the roof framework, and are a unique hallmark of this architectural style.

In this Hamburg city villa, the atrium character is obtained through an open space on the ground floor, which can be looked down on from a gallery above on the second floor. The fantastic view is complemented by the floor-to-ceiling glass panes, balconies and patios. All of these design elements work together to achieve the brightness that the clients desired. And when the sunlight starts to fade, the light lovers can still enjoy perfect illumination and ambience – because they opted to install a Gira KNX system for lighting control.

Gira HomeServer: All KNX products can be operated via a single touch screen.

The solution is perfect for the Hamburg-based homeowners: Thanks to the KNX system, they no longer need to use switches to control the lighting. Instead, they can decide whether to switch their lights on and off using KNX pushbutton sensors, their smartphones or the Control Client, a touch screen on the wall. The basis for the KNX technology is the Gira HomeServer, which connects the keyless Gira door communication system, the external cameras, the smoke alarm devices, the underfloor heating and the lights throughout the home with cables. Visitors are greeted with a custom, pre-configured light scene that can be modified at any time using the Gira Control Client 19. A tap on the touch screen brings up an overview of all of the installations in the home.

Gira KNX pushbutton sensors: A different light scene on each button.

The individual light scenes are also stored on the buttons of the Gira KNX sensors in the entrance hall and the living room. The minimalist design in black and white continues inside the home, so the electrical engineering firm recommended the Gira Esprit design line with a black glass surface. The cover frames act as a harmonious surround for the Gira KNX pushbutton sensors on the wall. The clients decided on four different scenarios for each room, to create an individual light mood for any situation. For a relaxing evening in front of the TV, dimmed lighting is sufficient; in the dining room, the pendant lamps shine a focused light down onto the table.

Gira Bewegungsmelder in Kombination mit Tastsensoren an der Wand
Perfect combination: Gira pushbutton sensors in a frame with a Gira motion detector. Source: Marco Moog for Gira

Lighting follows – wherever you go.

Before bed, the "light wave" feature illuminates the spacious entrance hall. On the ceiling above the landing on the top floor, the Gira presence detectors light up in waves to illuminate the way, based on the resident's exact movements. As soon as someone steps onto the long landing, the first presence detector lights up; it goes out as soon as it detects that there is no-one in the hall. There's no need to switch on the main lights for a night-time trip to the bathroom, either – so there's no risk of being dazzled by bright lighting.

Lichtreihe von Gira Präsenzmeldern
Stylish lighting: The Gira presence detectors create a "light wave" on the top floor. Source: Marco Moog for Gira

Light control using the Gira KNX system: Flexible and expandable.

The Gira KNX system is designed in line with an international standard, which means that the Hamburg homeowners can expand their lighting system at any time with new switches, sensors and operating devices. This is all achieved via a green cable hidden in the wall.

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