Glass – Timeless and easy to clean

Glass – Timeless and easy to clean

Whether it's round or square, white or mint: Glass is flexible in form and in colour.

  • A material that is used in a wide range of ways in contemporary indoor and outdoor architecture
  • Transparent lightness with exceptional stability
  • A timeless design statement
The flush-mounted, Gira Studio, in high-quality glass and shatterproof plastic, is ideal for an exclusive, upscale living style.

It's over 5000 years old and still making history. Archaeological findings suggest that glass was first used around 3500 BC. Since then, a great deal has changed. Glass however remains a popular material used in a wide range of applications – one of which is interior design. Glass can be formed into almost any shape and coloured virtually any shade, so it's no wonder that designers love to make use of this raw material on a regular basis. For Gira, too, glass plays an important role in product development; the Gira Esprit design line is just one example of where the material is used. The frames in this line have a coloured black, white, mint or umbra background, creating new and interesting effects on dark and light surfaces. The C grinding process can also be applied to round the edges.

Gira Esprit, white glass; Gira pushbutton switch, pure white glossy colour


The process of creating glass requires no human intervention at all; the effects of natural heat may be enough to melt quartz sand. As it cools, the sand no longer crystallises, but remains clear. The result? Glass. In around 650 BC, Assyrian king Ashurbanipal left behind a precise recipe on a clay tablet: "Take 60 parts sand, 180 parts ash from marine plants, 5 parts chalk – and you will get glass." Since then, glass production has of course evolved somewhat, but modern glass is still comprised primarily of sand and a few other substances that improve the chemical properties of the end product. In both recipes, the ingredients are melted to form glass at a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius.

Gira Esprit Glas Schalter Schwarz
Gira Esprit switch in black glass


Glass is an incredibly versatile material. It is completely transparent, non-porous and easy to clean. Over the years, the manufacturing process has been refined and glass as we know it today – including the glass used by Gira – is characterised by its pureness, stability and high quality. The colours and shiny surface of the material work beautifully in the Gira Esprit design line.

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