Subtle or edgy, timeless or avantgarde, opulent or minimalistic – however you furnish your home, it should always reflect your personality. This is also true when it comes to colours in the kitchen: if you like to make a strong statement, black will do the trick. For those with a playful streak, soft pastels or rich greens and blues might be a good choice. And if you’re aiming for a rustic appeal, you’ll love earthy tones such as beige, ochre, and terracotta. Each of these colours can cast your kitchen in a whole new light – if you know how to set the scene.

Farbige Küche
Yellow, grey, pink, blue: a splash of colour can do wonders in the kitchen. Source: Reform, HK living, Caussa, Fantin

Kitchen colour schemes: it’s all about the mix

Just like any other room, your kitchen should blend in with its surroundings. Pick out colours which complement each other and serve as a reoccurring theme throughout your home. Also, keep in mind that every shade has an emotional element to it:

  • While red feels dynamic and vigorous, yellow reinforces a light-hearted, uplifting ambiance.

  • Blue has a calming effect, whereas green is known to spark productivity.

You don’t want to grow tired of your painted kitchen over time. Ideally, you should opt for colours that work well in everyday living spaces. German manufacturer Leicht, for example, designs kitchens based on the colour concept of Le Corbusier, a modernist artist and architect. With wall paint and coatings in the same hues, it’s easy to create a harmonious environment in your home.

Farbige Küche
The kitchen concept “Aspekt” proves that minimalist design is far from boring. Source: Reform

Trying out kitchen colours with a modular system

You’re quite happy with your interior as a whole, but you would like to add some eye-catching details? No problem: Italian manufacturer Fantin has developed modular kitchen system in 47 colours. If you grow tired of certain shades at one point, you can simply take out separate elements and place them elsewhere – even on the balcony or terrace. All components are made from weather-proof metal and thus suitable for outdoor areas.

You are looking for a stylish refrigerator? In that case, Samsung offers a neat solution: the 4-Door Flex™ fridge from the BESPOKE series is a free-standing module with customisable door panels. Available colour variants include stainless steel, creme, pastel pink, and blue. You can either choose one shade or combine different ones to give your refrigerator a unique look.

Farbige Küche
Furniture in soft pastel hues creates a peaceful, calming ambiance. Source: Fantin
Farbige Küche
Timeless and weatherproof: metal surfaces are perfect for outdoor kitchens. Source: Fantin

Great effect, small price: colour ideas for Ikea kitchens

Of course, not everybody has a big budget to spend on elaborate renovations. Luckily, you don’t always need one – especially if you already own a kitchen from Ikea. Single components such as fronts, knobs, and handles can easily be swapped. Danish manufacturer Reform offers solutions that are designed specifically to match with Ikea products. The main goal is to make beautiful – and colourful – kitchens affordable for anyone. One great example: the design concept Unit, developed by the studio Aspekt Office in Copenhagen. All of its elements – from fronts and counters to handles and shelves – can be combined with four different Ikea kitchens (Metod, Sektion, Pax, and Godmorgon) as well as Reform’s own system.

The kitchen design Reflect came about through a collaboration with renowned architect Jean Nouvel. Compatible with the Ikea kitchen Metod, it has sparkling surfaces that create a mesmerising play of light. The kitchen fronts are made from steel and come in two colour variants – metal and metal black. Fine vertical grooves give the whole installation a dynamic finish. For the countertops, there are two options: stainless steel or scratchproof laminate with a velvety smooth look.

Tip: You’d like to see the kitchen colour ideas of Reform in real life? Then you can visit one of their showrooms in Denmark, Germany, or the United States.

Chic understatement: colours for kitchen sinks, valves, and switches

As the saying goes, too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the broth. The same holds true for colours: if there’s too much going on, the space can quickly feel crowded and cluttered. Modern kitchen designs therefore keep it simple when it comes to sinks and valves. Nonetheless, you still have plenty of options – ranging from anthracite and black to copper, gold, and graphite. Dutch manufacturer Reginox offers a variety of sinks in different sizes, shapes, and colours.

If you love exquisite materials, you should definitely take a look at the elegant sinks designed by Schock.

Last but not least, make sure to choose switches and socket outlets that fit the colour scheme in your kitchen. A classic design line such as Gira E2 in grey matt works with virtually any interior style: its timeless aesthetics subtly accentuate both modern and traditional homes.

Colourful kitchen accessories for every day

Small details make a big difference. Especially in monochrome kitchens, little splashes of colour go a long way in creating a warm, homely atmosphere.

  • The cutting boards from Belgian design studio Muller van Severen immediately catch the eye with their original shapes. They also keep countertops free, hanging on the wall whenever not in use.

  • If you’re looking for a special set of tableware, the product range of HK living will not disappoint: each piece is a one-of-a-kind, with a mix of pastel hues that softly blend into each other.

  • You need a decorative centrepiece that complements the colours in your kitchen? The German design team of Caussa drew inspiration from arch-shaped architecture for a special collection of porcelain trays: fusing straight lines with flowing surfaces, the trays can be arranged either horizontally or vertically.

Farbige Küche
Modern kitchen accessories serve as a decorative highlight while keeping your counters clutter-free. Source: Caussa
Farbige Küche
Pastel hues are a great choice if you want to add a splash of colour without going overboard. Source: HK living

Modern kitchen interiors come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. From rustic vintage to cutting-edge industrial, there are endless options to achieve the look that reflects your personal style best.

And you don’t even have to settle for one look only: oftentimes, all it takes are a few colourful accents to give your home a fresh makeover.