Gira Milestones

Gira Milestones

Foundation of the company. Technology start-up: Factory of apparatus for electric lighting.


The founding.

Gustav and Richard Giersiepen found their venture on August 1, 1905 in two rented rooms in Wuppertal-Wichlinghausen: a manufacturer of light switches and parts for electrical installation in buildings. With this, these two pioneers lay the foundation for the Gira brand – and for a success story that continues to this day. In our image gallery, you can see various Gira milestones from the Tumbler Switch 1905 to the smart home solutions of the 21st century.

Geschäftsgründer Richard und Gustav Gierspiepen in Produktionshalle


Plug Socket Nr. 265.

Always seeking a superior better solution: with the Porcelain Plug Socket No. 265, patent masters and developers in Radevormwald set a new quality standard. This product is equipped with “springy” contact – exactly in accordance with the customer’s wishes.


A variety of systems.

With intelligent construction kits, Gira sets a new standard within the industry. This makes it possible to combine a variety of solutions and functions in one single design. It also ensures greater clarity and security of planning.

Gira Meilensteine Baukastensystem


Excellence in every form.

Cooperating with creative designers such as Odo Klose, award-winning design classics are conceived. This includes the S-Komfort lightswitch range, an international bestseller.

flacher Gira Sensorschalter auf einem Werbeplakat 1970


Smart home pioneers.

Since the early 90s, Gira has been one of the forerunners of digital interconnection in buildings. As a partner of KNX, the thought leaders from the Bergisches Land are heavily involved in the development of global standards for smart living.

Gira Meilensteine HomeServer


Intelligent platform concept for customized design.

The Gira System 55 with its Series E2, E3, Event, Standard and Esprit offer more than 300 functions in five different, high-quality designs – entirely dependent on taste and interior.

Gira Meilensteine 1998 System 55


Gira S1.

Data security in an interconnected house. With the Gira S1 remote access module, communication with the KNX Smart Home is fully encrypted even when on the move and in accordance with the high standards of German data protection.

Gira Meilensteine S1


Campus Röntgenstraße.

Quality “Made in Germany”: at 30,000 square metres, the new Gira Centre for Production, Development and Logistics has 500 ultramodern workstations – a pronounced commitment to the Radevormwald location.

Gira Meilensteine Campus Röntgenstraße