Style only requires two colours

Style only requires two colours

A heritage square courtyard in Meerbusch, near Düsseldorf, is the home of the architectural office The growing company has now expanded its premises for the third time – a new office wing was required. For this purpose, a former warehouse was converted into a spacious, stylish work environment in the company's own black-and-white design.

Architecture project GmbH, Meerbusch


Julia Reschucha


Meerbusch, Germany

Exciting room sequences

Based on a parking garage on the ground floor, the new wing consists of two further floors, which are partly open and partly closed. Its centre is a centrally positioned glass meeting room that can be walked around. Closed areas are located at the gable ends, which are linked at the upper floor by a wide walkway.

Few colours, all the more shapes: view from the upper floor. (Photo: Julia Reschucha)

Resolute design

A new work environment has thus been created on a total of 330 m2, primarily for's management and finance department. In line with the corporate identity, black and white were the only colours used. Thus, wall and ceiling coverings are made of black oiled MDF boards in combination with white plasterboard, and the high-quality, seamless floor is made of white Pandomo.

Elegance and style down to the smallest detail

A large part of the custom-made interior design and furniture comes from the in-house mo.manufactur. Other designer furniture is from the Vitra universe, while Bologna-based designer Mario Nanni contributed the lights with his VIABIZZUNO brand. The timeless Gira E2 silk matt and Gira E2 black matt switch sets are a perfect match, blending effortlessly into this superior overall work of art in black and white.

Down to the last detail: from doors with a tiled look to black furniture and curtains. (Photo: Julia Reschucha)

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