Small house, big appeal

Small house, big appeal

With Cabin One, the Berlin architects Simon Becker and Andreas Rauch have developed a modular minimal house made of wood, combining a carefully thought-out floor plan with minimalist design and a forward-looking mindset.


Cabin Spacey GmbH


Cabin One


Berlin, Germany

Modular living for the (urban) future

In view of rising rents and ever decreasing construction space in major cities, new housing concepts are emerging worldwide, such as the tiny houses seen in the US. In Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland, Cabin One is now available as a modular mini house. It consists of a basic module that can be enlarged, reduced in size or upgraded with a spa module. Various furnishing packages are also available.

Clear forms, simple elegance: the Cabin One, made from spruce wood.

Natural materials, high-quality finish

The basis of Cabin One is a wooden frame with walls made of 19 mm three-ply boards of spruce wood, and cellulose as insulation. The façade consists of a pre-greyed spruce wood formwork. Its large windows and terrace glazing allow plenty of light into the cleverly divided interior. There is a loft bed with lots of storage space underneath, a small kitchenette and a naturally lit bathroom with shower. Cabin One can also be equipped with roof-mounted solar panels.

Natural colours and plenty of light: Cabin One creates a feel-good atmosphere.

Tasteful minimalism

The interior of Cabin One is aesthetically pared back and is dominated by natural materials and light colours. The oak parquet floor therefore ties in seamlessly with built-in furniture made of birch plywood. The matching switches and socket outlets, Gira E2 black in the kitchen and living area and E2 white in the bathroom, fit perfectly into the simple, elegant design. The harmonious result is a small house which is big on quality – a house which can serve not only as a model for future urban living, but also as a holiday home or office module.

Simple, functional, and beautiful: the Cabin One kitchen.

Gira E2

With its streamlined minimalist aesthetic, the timeless and original Gira E2 design line is the perfect complement to a range of interior styles. Choose between shatter-proof UV-resistant plastic variants in pure white matt, pure white glossy, black matt, aluminium (varnished) and anthracite, or stainless steel.

Gira System 106

The modular Gira System 106 enables you to configure door intercom systems according to your requirements. As the counterpart to Gira indoor stations, it covers all essential functions including doorbell, camera, name plate, and house number at the entrance. Robust materials and modern technology ensure a high level of convenience and safety. Another benefit: Gira System 106 is compatible with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions.

Gira X1

The Gira X1 was developed specifically for Smart Homes with a KNX network. It enables you to connect a variety of devices and monitor automated processes via app. Minimum effort for maximum comfort.

Gira socket outlets for indoors

The Gira product range offers a large variety of indoor socket outlets, including various designs and functions. Depending on your needs, the socket outlets can be freely adapted and combined. From increased contact protection to hinged covers – Gira has the right solution for your home.

Gira pushbutton sensor 3

Controlling lighting and blinds, regulating the room temperature, or setting mood scenes including lights, blinds, and music – the Gira pushbutton sensor 3 enables you to control a multitude of functions with just one button.

Gira USB power supply A&C

It's always annoying when your phone or tablet runs out of power – especially when you don't have the right charger at hand. With that in mind, we have designed the Gira USB power supply: it consists of two slots for USB A and USB C. This means that you can charge two mobile devices at the same time – no extra connections required. You will also benefit from a speedy charging time with a maximum electrical output of 3000 mAh. The power supply doesn't fall short in terms of design, either. It blends in seamlessly on any wall and can even be integrated into the Gira System 55.

Gira G1

Random switching operations for lights and blinds create the impression that someone is at home. And if you integrate the room temperature controller into the control unit, you can easily set your individual room temperature.

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